Access iPhone Lightroom Camera Photos with PSE 2023

More and more, I am using the mobile Lightroom Camera on my iPhone to take photos. This makes it quite easy to import them into Lightroom Classic. However, I want to access these images using Photoshop Elements 2023’s Organizer and Photo Editor. PSE 2023 added the new feature, Web Elements that makes this possible. This AppTip Sheet explains my current approach for doing this.

Click on the link below to view or download the tutorial.

Https:// sheet – lr camera to pse 2023.pdf

Let me know in the comments what you think of this approach. If you have another or better way to this, let me know that also.

If you would like to see more tipsw on using the new Web Elements added to PSE 2023, le t me know.

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2022 Road Trip to Colorado Recap

In late June Peggy and I took a road trip to see my granddaughter, Paige, play in a multi-day softball tournament in Boulder, CO. We decided to extend our trip on either side of the tournament to visit sites we saw along the way. Going to Boulder, we took a southern route to take as much of historic Route 66 as we could and west rim of the Grand Canyon. Coming home we took a more northern route.

Each day we recorded a pretty informal video describing where we were heading that day. Our trip lasted 15 days. These were all previously posted here and Facebook. Below are the links to each of these posts. It was a fabulous trip.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 Though 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Day 13

Day 14 and 15

Well, there you have it. Now at least I can quickly relieve the trip whenever I want. 🙂

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Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements 2023

Today, Adobe released the latest version of Photoshop Elements, PSE 2023, and Premiere Elements, PRE 2023, which is their consumer video editor. This is not surprising for they have released a new version at the end of September for many years now.

To be sure, these are generally incremental changes when a couple of significant new features are added along with several smaller improvements. PSE 2023 and PRE 2023 continue to be sold as perpetual license product and not by subscription.

I have been a beta tester for both programs for over 15 years and have been working with this version for the last several months. The link below is to Adobe’s announcement and description of the new release. 

For the past several years, I have created and updated a matrix that compares the features of the currently released version of Photoshop Elements to its predecessors. This year I have reduced the comparison to comparing PSE 2023 versions starting with PSE 2020. It is shown in the PDF file linked below. It still is a large matrix requiring zooming to easily read the information.

In previous years, my general recommendation for existing users of previous versions was to upgrade every other year. Since the upgrades are annual, the new features and performance improvements tend to be incremental. However, if you are using the cloud for your photos and also want Photoshop Elements on your smartphone, you should give PSE 2023 a close look, even if you are using PSE 2022. If you are using one of the older versions, you are ready for an upgrade. Many features have been added, even since PSE 2020 as illustrated in the matrix.

That is all for now but stay tuned. I will be describing several of the features in future posts.

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2022 CO Road Trip – Day 14 & 15

Well, Peg and I are coming to the end of our two-week road trip to Boulder CO. We went there to watch Paige play in a softball tournament. We extended our trip on both ends to do some sightseeing and take photographs. We took a southern route going to travel parts of Route 66. On the way home, we took a more northern route touching on southern UT. Each day, we started our travel log with a short, and unprofessional video describing the upcoming day’s highlights.

Day 14 Video Log

Day 14 Vido Log
Day 14
Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

Day 15 Video Log

Well, this concludes the series of videos and photos of our road trip to and from Boulder, CO. We were gone for 15 days and put about 4,000 miles on my car. It was a great trip. We saw some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States and came back with thousands of photos. It is going to take some time to cull them out.

Thank you for watching. Until next time…

2022 CO Road Trip – Day 13

Well, we are well into our trip home. Today, we are driving from Kayenta, AZ to Knab, UT where we will spend the night. We did not take as many photos today, but we did stop to take a couple with my drone.

Day 13 Video Log

Kayenta, AZ to Knab, UT

A few Photos Shot Along the Way

A couple are from Peggy and my DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Video From DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro Footage

Well, that finishes up Day 13. We stayed the night in Knab and are one step closer to home. There is one more episode coming soon. Thanks for watching. Until next time…

2022 CO Road Trip – Day 12

Ok. We are now on our way home. We left Grand Junction on July 5, 2022. Below is the video log that briefly describes our plans for the day.

Day12 Video Log

Grand Junction to Arches National Park

Drone and Other Photos Near Thompson Springs UT

On our way to Arches, we pulled over at the Utah Welcome Center on US 70 to fly the Mavic drone and take some pictures. This slide show was produced using Movie Maker – Video Editor Pro. This seems like a reasonable replacement for those who used the now discontinued MS Movie Maker.

Here is a link to a 360-degree photo I took with my DJI Mavic drone. It started off as 34 JPG images. I then stitched them and created the 360- degree image using PTGui. Then I edited in Lightroom Classic before using the Kuula website to project the scrollable 360-degree image. The thumbnail image below is a screen capture from Lightroom Classic, just for fun.

Well, our plan was to go through Arches National Park. But after waiting several minutes in line of cars at the park entrance, we were informed we needed to have a reservation to enter. We would need to back-track about 20 miles to get a reservation. We chose not to do that. We decided to grab a quick lunch at a Wendy’s nearby. After waiting about 45 minutes for our order and finally eating, we pressed on. This was the only snafu that we experience on our entire trip. We continue on to Monument Valley.

Monument Valley Photos

So, we ended our day in Kayenta AZ in the Hampton Inn. Monument Valley has some of the most beautiful rock formations. Peg was able to get a couple of great shots of the Mexican Hat as we drove by.

Well, that ends Day 12. Stay tuned for Day 13 soon. Thanks for watching.

2022 CO Road Trip – Day 11

Well, we are on our way home. We are in Grand Junction and stayed here for two nights, so we could be here on the 4th of July.

Day 11 Video Log

July 4th Parade in Grand Junction, CO

Lincoln Park Fireworks in Grand Junction, CO

Well, the fireworks display pretty much wrapped up our stay in Grand Junction, CO. It was a great way to celebrate July 4th. Stay tune as we push on with our return trip home to Los Angeles on Day 12.

Until then…

2022 CO Road Trip – Day 10

Well, the tournament is over, and we now begin our trip home. We will be taking a more northern route with our first midday stop being Vail CO.

Day 10 Video Log

Day 10 Photos

The ink below is to short slide show produced by Photoshop Elements. It is short because we did a lot of driving on Day 10. Peggy took a lot of pictures out the window as we drove along. However, for this series of posts, I have been concentrating on photos and videos taken with my camera and iPhone. As we said in Day 10’s video log, we are heading towards Grand Junction, CO, where we will spend a couple nights.

Well, that is it. Photos from Day 11 will be uploaded soon.

2022 CO Road Trip Day 5 Through Day 9

This post covers Day 5 through Day 9 of the road trip I took beginning June 24, 2022. It is a good time to review what the road trip is all about. My granddaughter Paige Hayward plays on the softball travel team, BSC Bengals 16U – Briggs. Each year they travel to many tournaments around the country. One of those is the IDT Tournament in Boulder CO. This is a large tournament bringing together 56 of some of the best teams in the 16U age division from throughout the country.

Normally, I have flown to the tournament. This year I chose to make a road trip out of it along with Peg. My plan was to take a few extra days going and returning from Boulder to do some sightseeing. Going to Boulder Peg and I planned a route that would follow some of Route 66 where practical and the southern part of the Grand Canyon. On the way home our route would follow the northern route that would include a bit of Southern UT.

This post describes our stay in Boulder and the actual tournament itself.

Day 5 – Day 9 Video Log

Highlights of Paige in the 2022 IDT Softball Tournament

Unfortunately, virtually of the action shots of Paige had to be taken through a chain link fence which definitely affected their quality. But it was either that or nothing.

Below are a couple of short video clips that were captured from the livestream camera. In the first one, Paige is hardly visible as she catches a fly in the outfield, and then throws the runner out who was trying to reach home after tagging up. The second clip is a double she hit in one of the games.

Watching Paige play was great. And the next morning we began our trip home. Look for Day 10 coming next. Until next time…

2022 Colorado Road Trip – Day 4

Well Day 4 of our road trip to Boulder Colorado started off as a rainy day in Santa Fe New Mexico. By the end of the day, we arrived at our hotel for the next few days in Westminster, Colorado. We will be there to watch Paige and her BSC Bengals 16U softball team compete in the IDT Softball Tournament.

Day 4 Video Log

On the Road Between Santa Fe and Boulder

Our trip continues with Day 5 soon. In the meantime, take care.