2022 CO Road Trip – Day 12

Ok. We are now on our way home. We left Grand Junction on July 5, 2022. Below is the video log that briefly describes our plans for the day.

Day12 Video Log

Grand Junction to Arches National Park

Drone and Other Photos Near Thompson Springs UT

On our way to Arches, we pulled over at the Utah Welcome Center on US 70 to fly the Mavic drone and take some pictures. This slide show was produced using Movie Maker – Video Editor Pro. This seems like a reasonable replacement for those who used the now discontinued MS Movie Maker.

Here is a link to a 360-degree photo I took with my DJI Mavic drone. It started off as 34 JPG images. I then stitched them and created the 360- degree image using PTGui. Then I edited in Lightroom Classic before using the Kuula website to project the scrollable 360-degree image. The thumbnail image below is a screen capture from Lightroom Classic, just for fun.

Well, our plan was to go through Arches National Park. But after waiting several minutes in line of cars at the park entrance, we were informed we needed to have a reservation to enter. We would need to back-track about 20 miles to get a reservation. We chose not to do that. We decided to grab a quick lunch at a Wendy’s nearby. After waiting about 45 minutes for our order and finally eating, we pressed on. This was the only snafu that we experience on our entire trip. We continue on to Monument Valley.

Monument Valley Photos

So, we ended our day in Kayenta AZ in the Hampton Inn. Monument Valley has some of the most beautiful rock formations. Peg was able to get a couple of great shots of the Mexican Hat as we drove by.

Well, that ends Day 12. Stay tuned for Day 13 soon. Thanks for watching.


2022 Colorado Road Trip – Day 1

At the end of June, my granddaughter and her travel softball team, the BSC Bengals – Briggs 16U, participated in the IDT Tournament in Boulder, CO. Peggy Caffey and I decided to make a road trip out of driving to the tournament. We took a few extra days going and on the return trip. In the end we were gone a couple of weeks and put about 4,000 miles on my RAV4.

Each, morning we made a quick video describing what lay ahead on that day. These were posted on Facebook, and several people followed us on our journey. I came back with well over a thousand, video, and photos from multiple cameras recorded in several formats.

I decide to share some of these photos here on my blog as a series of posts which I will be posting periodically. I decided to do this for two main reasons. One to help me document this trip, which was fantastic, and to demonstrate some of the methods and formats that I am exploring to share my photos and videos.

This post is the first installment and covers our trip to Las Vegas where we spent our first night at the Golden Nugget in downtown.  

Day 1 Video Log

Here are a couple of photos from the Golden Nugget and Fremont Street in downtown Vegas – a happening place.

One of the cameras I took with us was my Insta360 One-X. This camera is quite small and yet takes high quality 360-degree photos. Below are links to three different images taken on Fremont Street. These were produced by Insta360 Studio 2022, and then uploaded to the website http://www.kuula.co for display. Don’t forget to scroll around and zoom in/out with your mouse.

Here is another example.

And finally, this one.

My Insta360 One-X also takes 360-degree videos. While watching these you can zoom in/out and scroll around with your mouse, just like you can with a single image. Below is a YouTube link to one I took on Fremont Street.

Well, this pretty much sums up or first day on the road. We spent the night at the Golden Nugget and set out bright and early on our second day. Please stay tuned for more episodes of our travelog, if you will.

Until then…

360-Degree Panoramas Webpage

If you have followed my blog, you know that a lot of my posts deal with 360-degree panoramas, either taken with my drone, or more recently my Insta360 One X camera. My posts have often dealt with my efforts to stitch the individual images together and then effectively project them to be able to use the mouse to scroll and zoom.

About a month ago I added a dedicated webpage to focus on both my efforts and some of the results. Currently most of the examples were created using Momento360.com projections. The link to the webpage is shown at the top of this page. Later I will highlight other sites and software.

Stay tuned.

Until next time, stay safe.