OnOne Software Perfect Effects Examples

In my last post, I noted that for a short time (I hope it has not expired yet) you could download OnOne Software Perfect Effects 8 plug-in/program for free.

Perfect Effects 8 can be run as a plug-in in Photoshop/Photoshop Elements or in a standalone mode. Below are just two examples of want you can do with this program.

Color Chrome Effects 8

Effects 8 Texture

Notice I used only two of the many presets available. You do not have to stop there. In the right hand panel there is an impressive array of tools that you can use to expand the starting point provided by the presets. To go even further, you can return to Photoshop to continue working.

Perfect Effects 8 is a fun program to use and you sure can’t beat the price!


Free onOne Software Perfect Effects 8

onOne Software is a maker of Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements plug-ins and a suite of programs that can add creative effects to your photos. For a short time you can download their Perfect Effects 8 program/plug-in for free. The link to do this is shown below.

This will get you the plug-in, as well as the standalone program. I have and use this plug-in and others in the onOne suite of programs/plug-ins and I really like them.

Perf Effects 8 Offer