PSE 10 Feature Comparison Chart

When Adobe announced PSE 10 a few weeks ago, I posted a brief article about the new version. At that time, I had intended on posting a chart that compared the features for PSE 7 through PSE 10. I just realized I did not include the chart in the post. Click Here to see the chart. It is a PDF document, so it may not open immediately. If it is real slow to open, right click on the link instead, and select Save Target As. Download it to your computer and open it from there. This chart will help you if you are using an older version of PSE and are wondering whether or not it is time to upgrade.


Winter Classes Schedule and PSE 10 Sale

My schedule for the Winter term at each of the schools, the South Bay Adult School, Torrance, and PV NET has been established. The links below will take you to the schedule and my class descriptions for each of these schools. The winter term at each school starts the second week of January.


Note the unique nature of the course being taught at PV NET. It is being designed to focus on those features that have been added to the the latest version of PSE, Photoshop Elements 10. To get the most from this class, students will use their own laptops and photos. Please see the class description for more details. If you have an older version of PSE, you will also find topics covered in this course of benefit.


South Bay Adult School

Finally, it is my understanding that Costco is running a sale on Photoshop Elements 10. Now through November 30th, it is on sale for $50. I understand there is no mail-in rebate required. This is probably the lowest price you will see for Elements. Check with Costco to confirm these details.

Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 8

This post completes the series that has chronicled my basic workflow or process for working with the almost 1600 images and video clips from a two-week tour I took to Scandinavia in August. Today, I completed a slide show with background music and burned it to a DVD with a menu. I will be doing several other types of projects over the coming months using these photos and video clips. This was the primary output I chose to document in this series of posts.

In Part 7, I wrote I had completed the individual slide show segments which became the chapters/scenes for my DVD. To arrive at these individual chapters, which started as PSE 10 Albums, I needed to create additional keyword tags. I had assigned all of my images with tags for country, cities, and primary tourist sites we visited. However, many of of photos were taken from our bus as we travelled from place to place. I wanted to keep the images in chronological order as closely as possible. So I generally created PSE 10 Albums for each date with my 3-Star and above rated images selected. These Albums were the inputs to the PSE 10 Slide Show Editor. Sometimes, I combined a couple of days in the same Album, so I ended up with 7 slide shows. By the way, to help find these seven Slide Show PSE 10 Project files quickly, I put them into a PSE 10 Album Group.

I wanted the soundtrack music for each slide show to be from that country. I downloaded the music tracks  in MP3 format, except for Sweden. I selected songs from ABBA for Sweden, and obtained them from a couple of LPs I have for that group. I imported the selected songs to my Catalog, so I could manage them using the Organizer.

To identify each one of my chapters, I created a title slide. These title slides were basically made from the same blurred composite image with the title added as a text layer. They were saved in a Version Set. The figure below shows a typical title slide. They were saved in .psd format to retain the text layer. That way it was easy to go in and modify text for the next title slide.


Title Ex-1

I did discover one thing in using these title slides from a Version Set. The PSE Slide Show Editor uses the current top image of a Version Set as it should. I my case, the proper title would naturally be the top image when I created the slide show. However, later when I would reopen a given slide show, its title slide would no longer be on the top, because in the meantime, I had created other title slides. I had to rearrange the Version Set each time prior to editing a particular slide show to ensure the proper title was used.

As I put together my individual slide shows or chapters, I created a new Sub-Category and three special Tags under my Scandinavia Trip’s Category:

  • Project Media
    • Background Music  (MP3 Files)
    • Project Outputs (Sharable outputs, like video files etc.)
    • Slide Show Project Files (Files containing the design of a given slide show etc.)

Now with all of the pieces available, I was ready to make the individual video slide shows, put them together, and then burn the completed project to a DVD. I have various programs I could use to do this, including Premiere Elements 10. For this DVD project I chose the following steps.

  1. I used the Output command of the PSE 10 Slide Show Editor to make a .wmv video file of each chapter at the maximum resolution possible, 1024×768 pixels.
  2. I then imported these video files into Windows Live Movie Maker to add the transitions between each Chapter and a scrolling credits clip at the end of the project video.
  3. Finally, I created the DVD Menu and burned the DVD using Windows DVD Maker.

The final DVD is about 55 minutes  long with seven chapters or scenes. It plays quite well on my widescreen HD TV. It is a standard quality DVD, not Blu-Ray quality. I do not have a Blu-Ray burner or player quite yet. Overall, I am pleased with the results. I see some problems with certain pictures, like horizons not really straight, but that’s Ok. Each image is displayed for only 5 sec. Also, for some reason, my title slides do not appear as the buttons for the chapters in my DVD menu. Some other image does. I need to see how to correct this. But for the moment, I am ready to move on to other projects made from this trip as well as other trips and events that have occurred more recently, and I have barely looked at the video clips I shot!

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