Navigating My Blog

I decided that since I am going to post more to this blog, I ought to first make sure anyone who is interested in following the blog, knows their way around. I’ve had this blog a couple of years now, and over that time I have posted quite a few articles. Several of the points that I will point out about my blog are general and apply to other blogs as well.

To begin with, blogs are laid out with the most recent post on the top, followed by the next most recent post etc.

Starting at the top of the page, the tabs that read Home, About, and so forth are called Pages. I’ve laid out my pages to basically introduce general information about my classes and the schools themselves. I will sometimes use this area to highlight a specific course offering for a given school.

Down below the title of my blog you will see the standard RSS symbol. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. If you click on either of the links next to the symbol, you can subscribe to receive an email whenever I add a new post and/or whenever someone leaves a comment to one of my posts. This is a good way to follow my blog without having to remember to check it periodically.

Most of you who have taken any of my classes the last couple of years know about the Pages section in the left hand column. That is where you find the link to the handouts for the particular class you are taking.

You may not be that familiar with the Categories section which is below the class list in the left Column. I have assigned every post with multiple tags that are applicable to that article. These are used to quickly find articles I have posted in the past. The number in parenthesis is the number of articles that have been tagged with that keyword.

Then the Archives section shows links to all of the months in which I posted an entry to the blog. Clicking in on a given month brings up all of my posts for that month.

In the right hand column there is a Calendar for the current month. Any dates for which there is a post, are shown in blue. Clicking on one takes you the blog posts made on that date.

The Blogroll section below the Calendar displays links to websites that you be interested in browsing.

Finally, below each post you will see category links to articles that have been assigned the same keywords as the current one. Clicking here is a quick way to locate articles on similar subject. There is also link that reads either Leave a Comment, if no comments regarding that article have been posted yet, or x Comments  (x being the number of comments) for those articles where comments have been left. Comments are also in reverse chronological order with the newest one on the top.

I encourage you to use the comments to ask any questions regarding the article and or share ideas on the subject. As I’m sure you know, often the best information is not what is written in the original post but the discussion or thread that was started because of the post. You can also rate a comment with a thumbs up/down.

Hopefully, this post will help you get more from the blog


Photoshop Elements 8 Tools Workshop

As usual, I will not be teaching any classes this summer at the Torrance Adult School or the South Bay Adult School. However, I will be teaching the subject class for PV NET.

Click here or on the PV NET tab at the top of this page  if you would like more information regarding this class.