Don S.I originally started this blog and a website (many years ago now) primarily to promote the digital photography/video and iPad classes I tought throughout the South Bay area of Los Angeles. I felt that I needed something more immediate to communicate my class handouts and get feedback from my students and others who follow the blog. After teaching Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Lightroom, and iPad classes in Adult Education for over fifteen years, I “retired” from my part time, second career. I chose to continue my blog and website for the personal fulfillment I get.
My sites will not win any design awards.
I also have a blog and website that I use to stay in touch with my fellow classmates in the Class of 1963 of Leuzinger High School.
You can use www.donstouder.com, the main entry page to access both sites.

Class of 1963 banner pic                                                Leuzinger HS Class of ‘63 site


The link above is to My digital photography web site, which I call Dons-Digital-Photo-Corner

Actually you can tell quite a bit about me, just from the addresses above. That’s me, Don Stouder. When I took out my domain name, I could not think of anything clever. Apparently, I was the first Don Stouder (There are others in this world.) registering a .com web site.

For the past few years, my goal has been to provide valuable content that I have developed, such as how-to articles and videos and three Photoshop Elements eBooks I wrote. I also highlight a variety of material I have come across produced by others. For example, I have found Pinterest to be an excellent way to pass on these links  that I have found interesting. I have several boards there.

My blog/website started out pretty much dealing only with Photoshop Elements. Over time I expanded its coverage to both Photoshop CC and Lightroom, as well as other topics dealing with digital photography/video. My topics also include using mobile devices such as the iPad/iPhone to further enhance your digital photography and video experience.

For the past three years, I have owned DJI drones. So now many of my posts describe my experiences with using them to expand my passion for photogrphy.

Ok, that is enough for now. Enjoy the blog and website, and I hope you find it valuable and entertaining  as you explore the world of digital photography and video.

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask questions. Is there a certain topic you would like for me to cover?

Don 8/29/18


28 thoughts on “About

  1. I am a student in your photo digital class and I am looking forward to learn how to and what to do with pictures of my family. I am working with 3 generations.
    See you in class tomorrow evening.

    Ester Horompoly


  2. Hi Ester,

    Thanks for dropping by. Hopefully you will find some of the things we cover in class to be helpful for enhancing your family photos.

    See you in class.



  3. Hi Don,

    I am a student in your Thursday afternoon digital camera organizing class. Look forward to organizing my photos.

    Read and enjoyed your Leuzinger High alumni site. I’m South High ’62.




  4. Hi – I can’t download the class worksheets for this Wed – can you email to me?

    I sent an earlier email but not sure it was to the right email address.



  5. Hi Don
    I would like to take any beginner class you will be teaching this fall at either school—daytime!!! I will only be here till the middle of Oct!!! got any ideas???

    Thanx, Sally


  6. Hi Sally,

    As you know that is cutting the term pretty short. When you say you’ll only be here until the middle cof October, does that mean you are moving away?

    If not, you may want to wait and take the class during the winter term starting in January.

    I do private tutoring if that works best for you. If you are interested, email me at donstouder@ca.rr.com.

    Hope to hear from you soon, or see you in a class.

    Take care.


  7. Don,

    I downloaded and viewed your old PSE 6 tutorials and the tuturorials were excellent review of editing. I could use more tutorials to keep from forgetting how to edit photos. Thanks



  8. Don, Missed you at the last Camera Club meeting. Great presentation. Just got the Costco catalog and they have a coupon for $30.00 off. That makes Elements8 $49.99. They don’t say if a MAC version is included in the promo. Glad to see the PV class offered. Hope something more advanced will come out of it.


  9. Without a doubt, this article is really the latest on this deserving topic. I agree with your conclusions and am eagerly look forward to your future updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the extraordinary clarity in your writing. I will at once grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates. Gratifying work and much success in your business endeavors!


  10. Don – I just want to again let you know how much I have progressed since that first digital camera class, and my first digital camera with thanks to you and your classes that I have taken at the appropriate times in my photo-education.. I now have taken many of the classes that you have taught at South Bay Adult School and one at Torrance.
    As a former teacher, I am quite critical about the teaching style, content, and student results of the classes given though adult school format. I have found you to be incredibly prepared in your area of interest; very well organized via blog, handouts, class demonstrations; you are amazingly patient with your students, their attempts and computer abilities; and lastly, it is evident that every student finishes the class knowing far more than when the class began.
    I don’t think anyone could expect more from a teacher, and may you continue to influence students with your love of photography!
    See you when the schools move to 8.0….Sincerely, Susan


  11. Mr. Stouder

    Was just informed that the spring Advanced Digital Editing class was canceled. VERY dissapointing. Could not have helped that they changed it from Tuesday during the day to Wednesday night. I will look for the next offering do not want to miss this class. Thanks for the Elements Editing class, I enjoyed it a lot.



  12. Dear Don, I am not presently enrolled in a class of yours, but I’ve taken 2 PSE classes with you at theGriffith Center. I have a question which perhaps you can answer. My computer is old with only 40GB of memory which is soon to be filled up (I’ve put in over 4,000 photos in the past 2 years). I’m going to get more memory, but don’t see how I can transfer my PSE catalog intact to the new larger hardrive. If there’s a way to do this, I will be happy to pay you for your time in helping me. I am presently working with Windows XP and am not a whiz with computers, but I’m easily taught. Thank you for your time. Happy holidays!!!
    Sincerely, Beth Denis


  13. Hi Don,
    We just returned from 6 weeks in New Zealand and took a lot of photos. After I downoaded all the images to PSE 7 I found that instead of the images appearing in the catalog I got hourglass shapes.
    If I click on the hourglass the images then appear. How can I correct this?
    Thanks for your help.

    Mike Sulman


    • Mike,

      Whenever you add a lot of photos to the Catalog at one time, it has to generate the thumbnails. This takes some time, because it is done in the background. You can continue to work as you discovered. PSE interrupted its overall generating thumbnails task when you selected an image, and generated the thumbnail for it.

      I generally wait until rotating hourglass at the bottom of the screen disappears before I do much with the Organizer.

      As your Catalog gets larger, you may see the Generating Thumbnails spinning hourglass each time you start PSE Organizer. I have about 28K images and mine spins for about 15 seconds whenever I startup PSE. I wait it out before beginning my work.


  14. I am considering registering for the elements class tuesday 5-7pm at edison center as I just recently installed [but not yet opened] Elements 7.0 that I had purchased apx a year ago at TRW swapmeet for $29 [I know bc the price tag was still on the sleeve], my objection is that for the first eight weeks of the class, Don T is teaching a class in the same tech gardens room from 3-5pm. this decision by the school to have a zero transition time betw classes quite frankly just plain sucks. i know that as of this tuesday the class was eligible to be registered for. it probably will come down to me arriving at the campus no later than 4pm and if Don T’s class is cancelled, I will register for the Elements class. Hope to see you there ! ! !


    • Neil,

      The zero transition time can be a problem. However, I do know that in the past, Don T has purposely conducted his class to minimize or eliminate the problem. By the way Neil, waiting until the last moment to enroll in a class greatly increases the chances that a class will be cancelled. All it takes is a handful of students doing that to cause problems.


      • ok, I guess you did not read my reply carefully enough; I have decided I will not register for any class that is involved in one of these zero transition time problems. it aint about what a handful of students do.
        since entering kindergarten many years ago, I have attended dozens of schools and taken hundreds of classes and no school other than south bay adult school has ever pulled a stunt like this. I was in one of your 5-7pm classes that was started rite after a 3-5pm class and it is very inconvenient.
        I am hoping the instructors involved refuse to teach under these conditions and there were more potential students like me that read the catalog carefully enough to observe the problem and refuse to register


  15. Hi Don..

    I’m here in Hot Springs Arkansas looking over all what you do and offer to your local students. Is there any way that an out-of-state person of interest can get a password to your handouts?


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