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I have been thinking about buying a quad-copter or drone for some time now. I flew U-Control model airplanes as a kid. Now I want to try my hand at taking some photos and videos from a drone. Nothing spectacular, mind you, real simple and close-in stuff is my goal. These are not toys and you need to learn to fly them safely first.

I’m first going to have to learn to fly it. That’s why I decided to buy the DJI Phantom 2 Visual+. It is supposed to be one of the simplest to fly.

It took me a long time to learn to fly my model airplanes. Fortunately, the one I received for Christmas one year was plastic and was held together with rubber bands. When I crashed it, everything just flew apart but did not break. I hope I learn faster with the Phantom.   I have a lot more invested in it.

I have lots to learn over the coming months. I should get mine in about a week. I’m looking forward to posting photos taken from it at some point,  rather than images of it shattered into tiny pieces.

Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned.

AppTipSheet for iPad/iPhone FILMiC App

Filmic Pro screen

This fall I will be teaching the iPad for Photography class at Torrance on Tuesdays at 12:30 pm beginning September 9th. To begin with, the class is not just for iPad users. Anyone who owns an iPhone will benefit equally from taking this class.

You do not have to be an expert in using your iPad/iPhone, but you do need know the basics. If you are brand new to your device, the Torrance iPad 101 class is for you.

This class will focus on how to make the best pictures and videos you can using the excellent camera that comes with the iPad/iPhone. As good as the Photos and Camera apps Apple provides are, there are third party apps that go beyond what these apps are capable of.

One such app that I will likely be covering is called FILMiC Pro. It is a very low cost, and yet feature-packed video camcorder. This is just one of the many apps we will cover during the course. I have put together an AppTipSheet that gives you some idea of what this app is capable of doing.

Click on the link below to view the PDF version of this tip sheet.

AppTipSheet FILMiC Pro

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below in the reply section. Also, if you are a member of Facebook, and if you found the tip sheet or this post helpful and want to see more like it, please click on the Like button.

Thank you.

Loading and Installing the Output Module in Bridge CC

Those of you who have been using Bridge for some and recently upgraded to Bridge CC, may have noticed that the Output Module is no longer included.

Why is this important? The Output Module allows you to output PDF files and produce a Web Gallery. However you can manually install it.

First go to

Capitalization is important in the above link.This takes you to an Adobe webpage where you can download the appropriate file for your computer. This page also includes instructions on how to install the folder.  You will need to have administrative privileges to install the module.

Once it is installed, start Bridge. Running Bridge for the first time may require authenticating the installation.

To use the Output Module, click on its button in the upper right part of the screen. If you don’t see Output, click on the small down arrow to reveal it in the dropdown list.

Bridge Output Module


Fall Digital Photography Classes


I know my schedule for the digital photography and iPad classes I will be teaching this fall. To see the classes I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult School, click on the figure below..


For those I will be teaching at Torrance, click on the figure below.

_MG_8622_edited-1 FB Page Photo

Both Schools should have their catalogs mailed  their online registration open in August.