Edited Photos May Fail to be Added to Elements 12 Catalog

I received an email from a former student stating that she had selected several photos from the Organizer of PSE 12, edited them in the Edit mode, saved the edited version (not using a Version Set), closing each image, and then returning to the Organizer. The problem is that generally only one of the edited images was in the Catalog.


I have not experienced this in using PSE 12, nor any version of PSE that I recall. Normally, I do not work with multiple images open in the Editor, unless I am going to combine them in some way. So I decided to essentially duplicate her steps. I was surprised by what I found.


I selected four images in the Organizer and opened them in the Editor. One at a time I made a change to each image and then saved it, not selecting to use a Version Set, as is my usual practice. I was surprised and upset with the results. Three of four images I edited were shown in the Organizer’s Catalog as expected, right next to the original version. The fourth one was not.

 It had indeed been saved and was in the designated folder. Also, back in the Editor, I could load it again via File > Open Recently Edited File. It just was not in the Catalog. Worse yet, when I tried to Import it again from its folder, I received the standard message saying nothing was imported, because the image was already in the Catalog or it was the wrong etc. To make sure the file was indeed ok, I changed its name and it then imported fine into the Catalog.

 File Not Imported Message

I went to the Adobe Forums and found this thread.


It turns out that others have experienced similar problems. It seems the Auto Analyzer and/or using a Catalog converted from an earlier version are related to the bug. I do not know much more than that now. I do not use the Auto Analyzer and have its option turned off in the Preferences. I also recommend this setting to my students as well, but for different reasons. In the past, my PC took a noticeable performance hit when this option was turned on.

 To the best of my knowledge, I have not experienced this problem using my single picture editing workflow using Version Sets. But I am going to be much more watchful now.


Carbonite – Slow But Steady

As I explained in a previous post, I am initiating the Carbonite service to augment my current process of backing up my computer files. I started my initial backup about two weeks ago. Since then the progress has been quite slow, but steady and without incident. The figure below is a snapshot of where it stands as of a few minutes ago.

Carbonite - 11-21-13

I am about one quarter of the way through the process. At this rate, it will take about two months to complete.  This is longer than I initially expected. I can live with this, however, because I am continuing to use my primary back up process during this period. Also, as near as I can determine, Carbonite is not impacting the performance of my PC as I go about using it in my normal way.

If you have not seen it yet, there is a page on my website that describes my recently completed eBook, Photoshop Elements 11: The Organizer Revisited.

I’m Giving Carbonite a Try

11-10-2013 6-44-56 PM

If you have followed my blog, you know I have a large collection of pictures and videos that I manage using the Organizer of Photoshop Elements. And I use its Backup/Restore commands to back up my media and the Catalog itself. This has worked well for me over the years. I’ve even described my process in previous posts. Here is the link to one of those posts.


You can find other related posts by searching my blog using the “Search My Blog” text box located further down the page in the right hand column.

I also use an old program called Karen’s Replicator for periodically backing up my other important folders and files. It also has worked well for me.

A couple of weeks ago, the C Drive on my “business” computer (in contrast to my “photos/videos computer) went belly up. This computer contained the data I use in Outlook and Quicken. Because of the crash and my frequency of using the Replicator program, I lost about three days of not-too important data. For some reason when I restored the Outlook data, some data was missing. I think it was more my improperly using the Outlook restore steps rather than the quality of my Replicator backup.

But the whole episode got me thinking about my backup process and whatever vulnerability I have in this area. I decided to give Carbonite a try. I won’t really describe it here, but you can click on the link to find out more about it. Suffis it to say that it basically provides unlimited backup storage on the cloud for $60 a year for a single computer and its internal drives. For additional features and multiple computers, higher price options are available.

I started my initial backup of my photos computer yesterday, which will be about 450 Gb. If I did my math right, considering what has been backed up so far, it will probably take most of a month to complete. But after that, it will only take a few minutes a day to keep the backup current.

While it is doing the initial backup, I have not noticed any measurable slowing down of my computer. I continue my normal backup practices using Elements and Replicator, so I am not too concerned with the length of time the initial backup takes.

Reviews and a few friends that have been using Carbonite have been positive.  I do know that the company has been around for a significant length of time. I’ll keep you posted regarding how the initial backup is progressing.

Comment and let me know what your experience has been using Carbonite or a similar cloud-based product.

Photoshop Elements 11: The Organizer Revisited eBook

Collage for Cover

Some of you may know that I wrote and published an eBook, Photoshop Elements: The Organizer” about a year or so ago. It essentially covers the Organizer in all versions of Elements up through PSE 10. It is still available on Amazon.

Adobe drastically changed the look and feel of Elements when they released PSE 11 last year. During the summer,I began updating the eBook for PSE 11, and just completed it. As they have consistently done, Adobe released PSE 12 about a month ago. Fortunately for me, the user interface of the new version is virtually the same. My eBook is based on PSE 11, but I did include a bonus chapter at the end that overviews the significant changes in PSE 12’s Organizer.

Both books cover only the Organizer, because I feel it does not get nearly the coverage it should within the many other books that have been written on Photoshop Elements over the years.

If you would like to take a look at it on Amazon, Click Here.

Let me know in the comments section below what you think. Thanks.