Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 10

Today Adobe announced the latest version of its consumer-targeted photo organizing and editing program, Photoshop Elements 10. Here is the direct link to their webpage describing PSE 10.

Its new features are highlighted here.

Here is a screen shot of the above page. Also on the page there are numerous sources where you can find out what is in this newest version of Elements.

PSE 10 Announced


In the above figure (circled) you can see there is a PDF file you can download that describes the new features. As has been the pattern for the last several upgrades to the program, it was announced today, but it is not yet being shipped. I suspect that will happen in early October. Also, Adobe announced Premiere Elements 10, that is their consumer level video editing program. When they are available, they can be bought separately or as a bundle. Below is the link to the Premiere Elements 10 product announcement page. PRE 10 works closely in conjunction with PSE 10 in that they share the same Organizer.

I’ll have more to say about these two programs in the coming weeks. But I will say at this point, their look and feel is very similar to recent versions. New features have been added and improvements made, but if you use a relatively recent version of either program you will feel right at home with the new versions.


Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 6

Up to this point, I have essentially tagged and rated all of my photos from the trip. Even if I stay with the 4-Star rated pictures with some 3-Stars thrown in to fill the holes, I have a ton of pictures to ultimately shar in some form. Generally, my prime sharing method is to make a DVD for playing on a TV. That is my plan for this trip also. However, because I have so many pictures I want to include, I’m either going to have a DVD with multiple chapters or multiple DVDs when I am done.

In the meantime I am putting together the chapters or pieces of the trip into slide shows. I am making good progress, but have a long way to go. As of right now, I have completed Denmark, and have Sweden and Norway to do. Oh yes, I have not begun to integrate the video I shot. I am not exactly sure how I will handle the video clips I took, integrate them in slide shows with still images or have them stand alone. I did take a fair amount of video of some folk dancing we saw. That is a good candidate for a standalone video.

I have not talked about the editing I am doing to the photos I have picked for my slide shows. Ideally, the pictures need little or no editing like adjusting exposure, color, or cropping. But many do. If I were shooting JPEG images, I would rely on Auto Levels as my first edit. As I have mentioned many times in class, this adjustment is all I need (or maybe have time for in this project) about 80% of the time. However, almost all of my pictures were taken using Camera RAW. If I want to do some editing for a particular photo, it opens automatically in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

Remember, when you edit a RAW image you are not changing the pixels in the image file, only the correction values in the sidecar XMP file. Also, if you open and image and click on Done after you have edited the image, the XMP file is updated and the adjusted image is automatically used for any printing, slide shows etc in which you use that photo. Also, in the middle sliders there is an Auto button that often adjusts image sufficiently that no other editing is required. It is not just Auto Levels. Other times, I will use other sliders to quickly get the image more to my liking. I really like what the Vibrance and Clarity sliders do. When I am satisfied, I click Done. Notice here I did not need to save an Edited copy of the image. There is no Version Set needed. Below is an example of a before and after where I did do a little tweaking beyond clicking on Auto. Due to the blog’s column width, the photo was cropped on the right hand side.

Before ACR


  After ACR


So far I have completed two slide shows or chapters for the DVD. These may be fine tuned later. Think of them as “daily’s” that are produced the shooting of a movie. I posted one on Here is the link to it.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about taking RAW images with your camera and working with them in PSE, I am teaching a course on this at PV NET beginning in early October. You can find out out more about this class by clicking on this link, PV NET.

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Working with my Scandinavia Photos–Part 5

I have continued identifying and rating the huge number of photos I took on the trip. I’m making pretty good progress. Identifying the significant sites we saw and visited is by far the most challenging and time consuming task. I described the basic process in an earlier post of this series. I have done enough tagging and rating that I do not want to lose my work if I have a disk crash. I have backed up my catalog once since I returned, right after uploading everything and assigning the photos a Sub-Category.

I could go ahead and do another full backup, but my prime backup drive is nearly full. Since I am primarily interested in backing up my tagging efforts and the few edits I done to this point, I believe an incremental backup would be appropriate. Normally I only do a full backup, but this is one situation where an incremental backup should work well. The problem is, my primary backup drive is probably too full to add even the incremental backup. I will have to put it on a another drive, physically separating it from the full backup it will need to be linked to to the full backup  if need be. This should not be a problem, but a new USB 3.0 external drive is now on my to-get list.

Even though I have not completed my detailed tagging and rating my pictures, I have begun to share them and my video clips in a limited way. I bought my granddaughters Dala Horses handmade in Sweden. I made a short video from the images and video clips I took to give them an idea how the horses are made.  I made an Album of the 4 Star and a few of the 3 Star photos I took in Copenhagen. These are my first cut at identifying the pictures that will be in whatever presentation/document I produce later. For example, they will most likely end up as a chapter in a DVD presentation.  I made this slide show using PSE 9’s Slide Show Editor, outputting it to a PDF file. I emailed this file to my travelling companions, Tom and Judy, to check the accuracy of the captions I added to some of the photos. I’ll describe a bit more on how I use the Slide Show Editor in a future post.

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Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 4.5

Before going on to the next installment of this series, I want to add a couple of points I probably have not covered yet. To begin with in going through my photos to tag and rate them, I discovered that somewhere in the middle of my trip I was missing some shots I knew I had taken. The first thing I did was to look at the copies I had  uploaded to my iPad as a backup. Sure enough they were there. It turns out I had inadvertently skipped one of my cards when I was uploading them to Elements. I had uploaded its video clips, but not the still images. Having copies on the iPad allowed me to very quickly pinpoint the missing card. Now instead of about 1400 images/videos, I now have about 1750.

When I was planning on what type of photo gear to take with me on the trip, I decided to take not only my 18-135 mm kit lens, but also my 70-200 mm zoom lens. As it turns out, I never took my long lens out of my suitcase. I’m sure there might have been a few shots that could have been improved with a longer lens, but I would have lost many more shots with that on my camera. I have a friend who carries two cameras with different lens. I choose not to do that. Walking around with one DSLR camera is enough for me. I always had my camera bag in the bus, but it was not the type to also hold my zoom lens. I also, bought an external Speedlite flash for the trip. It too stayed in my suitcase. The few pictures I took with flash used the 7D’s built-in flash. Obviously they suffer from all of the ills that better photographers avoid. I tended to rely on high ISOs for the most part. I have many shouts with the ISO set at 3200 and above. I think I even have a very few with the ISO at 6400. A cursory look at these has shown the noise level to be quite low, and I should be able to get excellent results after using PSE to reduce the noise.

Class Enrollment Update

I’ve been told that class enrollment is way down at both the South Bay Adult School and Torrance. Given the state of the economy, I can’t be very surprised about that. Unless enrollment picks up significantly in the next week, I will have lots of time to work on other projects. So, if you have been thinking about taking one of my classes, but have not got around to doing it yet, I would register soon, or you may find the class has been cancelled. That could be as early as next Thursday. If you want to review the descriptions for the classes I will be teaching, click on the links below.

South Bay Adult School

Torrance Adult School


You have more time to register for those classes not scheduled to start until October, but it would be a good idea to register now anyway.

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