Photoshop Elements 9 Resolution Issues

For the past few weeks I have been playing around with screen resolutions. I bought a 24” widescreen monitor, and getting it to be properly shared by my two computers was a real chore. But that is a subject for another post. However, all of the fussing around I’ve been doing with my new monitor, caused me to revisit how Photoshop Elements interacts with screen resolutions and DPI settings. I also learned first hand about a bug in the Photoshop Elements 9.

It’s common knowledge that Photoshop Elements requires  the screen resolution to be at least 1024×768. In fact some versions refuse to open if the screen resolution is lower than this, e.g. 800×600. If you are able to get into Elements, you are likely to open a dialog box at some point that you are unable to exit, because the OK or similar button in the lower part of the box is not on the screen. No amount of dragging the box allows you to see the button. The dialog box is just to big.

Also, a well known problem with the Organizer is that if the DPI setting is moved off of its default of 100% to a higher value, say 125%, there is no Menu Bar at the top of the Organizer’s screen. Instead of the Menu Bar, there is a very tiny down arrow, that is next to invisible to many people. If you click on it, a drop down menu appears that is the missing standard Menu Bar.

People will often change the default DPI setting to the 125% or a higher value, to increase the text size. Resetting this back to 100%, as well as changing the resolution to 1024×768 is straight forward. But, for the DPI setting, you must restart the computer. This can be very inconvenient in a class room environment or anytime there are multiple users of the PC.

As I said, the 1024×768 minimum resolution to run Photoshop Elements in nothing new. But if you are using PSE 9, you need to run at a resolution that is greater than 1024×768. If this resolution is used when running PSE 9, you are not able to access the Advanced dialog when you are uploading your photos from your camera or card reader. The Standard dialog box opens, and it does not include the button to access the Advanced dialog. Remember the Advanced dialog is where you can select which pictures or videos to upload. The only way to get to the Advanced dialog is to run PSE 9 with a higher resolution than 1024×768.

How does this relate to my upgrading from a 19” square monitor to a 24” widescreen model? I am  still deciding which is the best screen resolution to use to make reading text in various programs as easy as possible.