Get More From Your Smartphone Panoramas

I am using my iPhone more and more for taking photos and videos that are just not simply selfies. A practice that is certainly common to many people. The quality produced by today’s smartphones is truly quite remarkable. One of the modes I frequently use is the Pano feature.

A few days ago, I went to the Redondo Beach pier to take some pictures. I took my Canon R5 intending to take most of my pictures with it. After only a few images, I discovered its battery was depleted. I had not checked it ahead of time and did not have an extra battery with me. So, I proceeded to take photos with my iPhone instead. One of them was the panorama below.

Using Adobe’s Premiere Elements, I then zoomed in and scrolled around the panorama to explore some of the details that you do not get to appreciate when simply looking at the panorama in the traditional way. Click on the image above to see the result of doing this.

I plan to explore more of the panoramas I have taken over the years with not only my iPhone but also my digital cameras in the future using this approach.

Until next time…