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This page is where I will display 360-degree panoramas, or similar images that require special software or websites to effectively show the images. 

The images themselves will normally have been taken from a drone, and more recently from a 360-deg camera. I will also include here wide angle panoramas taken with my iPhone.

Panorama Studio 3

I recently added this program to my computer. The image below is my first attempt to using it. The 360-degree panorama was taken with my DJI Mavic Pro at the south end of Redondo Beach. One of the key capabilities of this program is that you can automatically scroll around the image. Scroll around and zoom in and out with you mouse. Then try the automatic panning mode that whatever zoom and position you have displayed.

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Below is another 360-degree panorama I took from my Mavic Pro on June 6, 2020 over the cliffs off Paseo Del Mar in PV Estates.

The panorama started out as 34 individual JPEG images that were stitched together using Microsoft’s Image Composite Editor (ICE) to create the final 158 Mb (20,480 x 7,736) image. The large image size provides tremendous detail when zoomed in. 

Again the image projection was done using Panorama Studio 3.  

Cliffs off Paseo Del Mar 

I am still do not know why the horizon is not straight. But I am still learning Panorama Studio 3. 

Below is 180-degree panorama shot from pretty much the same place over the cliffs off Paseo Del Mar. It was shot on June 14, 2020. Automatic panoramas of this type shot by my Mavic Pro are made up of 21 individual images. This particular one was shot just before sundown. 

180-Degree Panorama

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