Panorama Photos

I am going to use this web page to display panoramas that I have taken over the years. Most of the photos will be 360-deg panoramas, or very wide angle panoramas that are best displayed by zooming in/or out and scrolling around using your mouse.

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The images themselves will normally have been taken from a drone, and more recently from a 360-deg camera. I will also include here wide angle panoramas taken with my iPhone.

Most of the photos viewed from this page will actually be links to websites that are designed to display these types of images. Since I am also using this page as a clearinghouse my 360-deg photo experiments, some will not be of the best quality.

Projected Using

This 360-panorama was taken with a Mavic Pro above the shore of Lake Elsinore, CA. on about 6-14-19. The 34 photos were stitched using ICE.

Lake Elsinore 6-14-19

This 360 panorama was taken at a meeting of the South Bay Camera Club using my Insta360 One X camera. It was created using its software.

SBCC Meeting

Below is another image taken with my Insta360 One X, created using its software. It was taken at the Proud Bird restaurant near LAX.

From the Proud Bird

This image is one I took at the top of the hill from the Kaiser parking lot. It was taken with my Mavic Pro from a height of about 60 ft. It was the first time I had flown from there. The sun was low in the early evening sky and it really affected the view looking that way. The images were stitched using ICE. I may try to replace the sky in this image.

I do not know why the horizon is so curved. The stitched image was edited using Lightroom Classic. It was taken on 3/28/20.

From Kaiser/ARCO Parking Lot

The 360-degree image below was taken with my Insta360 or Insta360 One X camera from my driveway. It is noisy, because it was getting dark. Taken on 1/5/18.

Insta360 One X Image From My Driveway

The 360 image below is also from my Insta360 One X. It was taken on 3-28-20 practicing social distancing. 

Practicing Social Distancing at Judi’s

This 360 panorama taken with my Insta360 One X shows that my side yard needs some weeding. The circular bare spot in the backyard is where the trampoline stood for many years. Hopefully, the lawn will be back in a few weeks after it is reseeded.

My Side Yard

This 360 panorama was taken with Mavic Pro from above the Rolling Hills Preparatory Academy. Like the others in this series it was projected using the website. 

Notice how the horizon is curved. I don’t what caused this, operator error, or the site’s approach to displaying the image. 

Rolling Hills Preparatory Academy

Here is the same image displayed by Also note that using Kulla the viewer can also display a tiny planet projection. 


Getting Ready to Re-Seed My Backyard

I am getting ready to re-seed my backyard and this photo, taken earlier today is going to be one of the prime before-shots. I am posting it here because it illustrates the evolution of a particular single image taken with my Insta360 One X camera. Like all images in the section, was used to show the 360-degree projection.

The first image below is the original 360 taken with my camera with no editing. To me the color is washed out and lacks contrast

Original Projected

The link below, again is the same 360 image from, but this time I edited it in Lightroom Classic using my standard preset.  

Enhanced Using Lightroom Classic

Finally, the link below started as a screen shot from a particular view using Momento360’s capability. But then I added a moving title to the saved flat JPEG image to create a 5-sec video.  I did this using the continually improving Microsoft Photos app. 

Moving Title Example