Real Easy Technique for Better Sunsets

On a recent cruise, I took dozens of sunsets. Most of them were not what I was looking for. I either ended up with a blown out sun, or the picture was too dark for my liking.

Today, I received an email from Steve Arnold of Post Processing Mastery that should a very easy technique to tone down an over exposed sun. Although he explains how to do it using Photoshop, it is well in the capabilities of Photoshop Elements.

Below shows the results I obtained on one of my sunset images.

Brush Sunset Tech

The Before is on the right, and the After is on the left. Some sunset images will respond better than others to this technique. And remember, you can tweak the result by adjusting the brush layer’s Opacity.

Here is the link to the video that explains the technique.

Until next time.



Just for Fun

I have traveling quite a bit this summer, especially during the past few weeks. Consequently, I have not posted anything recently. I will be resuming my series of new Photoshop Elements tutorials very soon.

In the mean time, a friend emailed me this graphic that I enjoyed. I have not seen it elsewhere, so I thought I would share it here. Click on the figure below to go to the graphic. Then zoom in and then scroll to view all of the slides.

Funny Link

Until next time.