PSE 8 Video Tutorials

I was exploring Adobe’s website today, and I began to watch some of the tutorial videos I ran across. They aren’t terribly new. I suspect they were posted about the time PSE 8 and PRE 8 were released in October. I had never bothered to watch them before. I did watch a few tonight and thought you might like to take a look also.

This link is to a page that has several videos dealing with both PSE 8 and PRE 8. The one showing a couple of new features of the Organizer is good.  The video describing how to share an online Album with is also worth watching. Remember, you get 2 Gb of free storage on . Although the video shows how to post pictures directly from PSE 8, you can also post them without using the program. You don’t even need to own PSE to use  

I have circled the ones I found most interesting on the page link above in the figure below.

There are plenty more videos on the Adobe website. It’s worth checking out.