iPad Photography Class Starts January 8th


12-27-2013 9-35-31 PM

Did you get a new iPad for Christmas and want to learn how to take great pictures with its camera? Do you want to find out how to enhance or add special effects to those pictures and video clips you have already taken?

One of the classes I will be teaching beginning January 8th at the Griffith Torrance Adult Center will teach you how to do these things, as well as many others.

This short video further describes the class.

iPad for Photography Class

2 thoughts on “iPad Photography Class Starts January 8th

  1. torr adult school now lists iPad photography class as closed, which means CANCELLED, although they haven’t notified me as yet. I observed your digital camera AND cs5 classes are also both cancelled. the three classes are in competition with each other for students, thus it would be wise to offer only one of them. iPad is the FUTURE, digital camera is the PAST. take my advice and offer only the iPad photography and drop the other two, and the class WILL FLY (i.e. actually get taught)


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    • Neil, I agree that one could argue that the iPad 101 class and the iPad for Photography might at first seem to be competing for the same market. But reading the descriptions clearly shows the difference. As for the mobile devices cameras being the way of the future, that is true, at least for many people. But there are millions of digital cameras being sold each year. Those buyers want something more out of the photos than what an unaltered and quickly shared photo to Facebook can provide.

      In fact, based on my research and reading, the small digital point-and-shoot type of camera is being replaced by the iPad/iPhone class of camera on the low end, and digital SLR cameras or the mirrorless cameras on the high end. That is why for some time now my camera classes have catered to people who have either the simple compact camera or a more sophisticated camera, such as a digital SLR.

      Getting back to the iPad for Photography class being cancelled, I would be willing to bet that if were the only class available this term, it would have been cancelled anyway. Perhaps a couple of the students who enrolled in the 101 class may have taken the iPad class focusing on photography, but that would be a mistake for the new iPad user. They would be lost.

      I don’t know exactly why these classes failed to gain sufficient enrollment, but I do not believe it was because another one of my classes competed with it. It just may be that the subject matter that I want to teach just does not have a large enough user base THAT desires to get their knowledge from attending an adult school class. Today, there are so many other ways for one to increase their knowledge and skill. In the case of Photoshop, I believe that some of the problem with it being cancelled is that the CS5 is two versions older that what is available to students. They may wonder how relevant or useful learning how to use Photoshop on an old version can be. Also, for the student that is wanting to use or is currently using Photoshop, they recognize that the latest strong trend is a shifting of many users to use Lightroom more and more and going to Photoshop less and less. But alas Torrance cannot afford to upgrade Photoshop at this time and does not seem to be able to justify buying Lightroom.

      Although I don’t agree with you completely, Neil, I do appreciate you taking the time to comment. I really hope others see this thread, for I may be all wet in my thinking.


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