Edited Photos May Fail to be Added to Elements 12 Catalog

I received an email from a former student stating that she had selected several photos from the Organizer of PSE 12, edited them in the Edit mode, saved the edited version (not using a Version Set), closing each image, and then returning to the Organizer. The problem is that generally only one of the edited images was in the Catalog.


I have not experienced this in using PSE 12, nor any version of PSE that I recall. Normally, I do not work with multiple images open in the Editor, unless I am going to combine them in some way. So I decided to essentially duplicate her steps. I was surprised by what I found.


I selected four images in the Organizer and opened them in the Editor. One at a time I made a change to each image and then saved it, not selecting to use a Version Set, as is my usual practice. I was surprised and upset with the results. Three of four images I edited were shown in the Organizer’s Catalog as expected, right next to the original version. The fourth one was not.

 It had indeed been saved and was in the designated folder. Also, back in the Editor, I could load it again via File > Open Recently Edited File. It just was not in the Catalog. Worse yet, when I tried to Import it again from its folder, I received the standard message saying nothing was imported, because the image was already in the Catalog or it was the wrong etc. To make sure the file was indeed ok, I changed its name and it then imported fine into the Catalog.

 File Not Imported Message

I went to the Adobe Forums and found this thread.


It turns out that others have experienced similar problems. It seems the Auto Analyzer and/or using a Catalog converted from an earlier version are related to the bug. I do not know much more than that now. I do not use the Auto Analyzer and have its option turned off in the Preferences. I also recommend this setting to my students as well, but for different reasons. In the past, my PC took a noticeable performance hit when this option was turned on.

 To the best of my knowledge, I have not experienced this problem using my single picture editing workflow using Version Sets. But I am going to be much more watchful now.

2 thoughts on “Edited Photos May Fail to be Added to Elements 12 Catalog

  1. None that I can see, except for the possibility of what I described above. Very rarely will I not use a Version Set, and I can’t remember why I chose not to. Sorry for the very late reply.


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