I’m Giving Carbonite a Try

11-10-2013 6-44-56 PM

If you have followed my blog, you know I have a large collection of pictures and videos that I manage using the Organizer of Photoshop Elements. And I use its Backup/Restore commands to back up my media and the Catalog itself. This has worked well for me over the years. I’ve even described my process in previous posts. Here is the link to one of those posts.


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I also use an old program called Karen’s Replicator for periodically backing up my other important folders and files. It also has worked well for me.

A couple of weeks ago, the C Drive on my “business” computer (in contrast to my “photos/videos computer) went belly up. This computer contained the data I use in Outlook and Quicken. Because of the crash and my frequency of using the Replicator program, I lost about three days of not-too important data. For some reason when I restored the Outlook data, some data was missing. I think it was more my improperly using the Outlook restore steps rather than the quality of my Replicator backup.

But the whole episode got me thinking about my backup process and whatever vulnerability I have in this area. I decided to give Carbonite a try. I won’t really describe it here, but you can click on the link to find out more about it. Suffis it to say that it basically provides unlimited backup storage on the cloud for $60 a year for a single computer and its internal drives. For additional features and multiple computers, higher price options are available.

I started my initial backup of my photos computer yesterday, which will be about 450 Gb. If I did my math right, considering what has been backed up so far, it will probably take most of a month to complete. But after that, it will only take a few minutes a day to keep the backup current.

While it is doing the initial backup, I have not noticed any measurable slowing down of my computer. I continue my normal backup practices using Elements and Replicator, so I am not too concerned with the length of time the initial backup takes.

Reviews and a few friends that have been using Carbonite have been positive.  I do know that the company has been around for a significant length of time. I’ll keep you posted regarding how the initial backup is progressing.

Comment and let me know what your experience has been using Carbonite or a similar cloud-based product.

5 thoughts on “I’m Giving Carbonite a Try

  1. Hi Don, I misplaced your email address, so I’m asking my question here. I just purchased PShop E 12.
    If I install this version, are my photos in the 11 version remain or deleted? Can I save them in another location? My email address: ljuneu@earthlink.net. I was in your summer PV Net class, but was unable
    to complete the class. I would appreciate a reply. Thank you


    • Hi June,

      First, I very sorry for the late reply to your comment. Both PSE 11 and PE 12 can be installed on your PC at the same time. When you install PSE 12, it will automatically convert your PSE 11 Catalog. It may look a little different than you expect – I cover this in my iBook. Once you are comfortable that PSE 12 converted your Catalog properly, you can uninstall PSE 11. You may want to deactivate it first via the Deactivate command in the Help menu.

      Also, Once you install PSE 12, do not work with PSE 11, or you will probably screw up your PSE 12 Catalog. That is, it won’t know what you did in PSE 11.


  2. Hi Don, I have been using Carbonite for a few years now and have found it very useful. I have had to restore my file twice during that time and have always been successful. It does take time to build your initial backup and to restore, but the day to day use is seamless. I highly recommend it.

    By the way, I was browsing through the handful of Christmas catalogs I get each year and saw that Sam’s Club had Photoshop elements on sale for around $49. That’s $30 off.. A good deal.


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