Should I Upgrade to PSE 6 Revisited

In my January 10, 2008 entry I my thoughts regarding upgrading to Photoshop Elements 6.0. I began my comments with the simple answer, “It depends.” The other day a student brought in a book he had just bought. The book was Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 – A Visual Introduction to Digital Photography by Phillip Andrews. I am not really familiar with this book, but after thumbing through it quickly, it certainly holds its own against the many excellent books on PSE 6 and earlier versions.

The one thing that I did notice right inside the cover was a very complete table comparing the features of all of the versions of PSE beginning with Version 1.0 through Version 6.0. In the table, Andrews also compares these same features for Photoshop CS through CS3. I was very impressed with the table and have never seen such a comprehensive list. This table should help anyone who is trying to decide whether or not to upgrade.I have paraphrased Andrews’ table below comparing PSE 4 through PSE 6. I put a couple of entries in bold type, because although the feature was in earlier versions, it was significantly improved in PSE 6. By the way, the student highly recommended the book.

Click Here for the link to my summarized table. I suppose I have violated a few copyright laws, but hopefully I will not end up in the slammer for my transgression. 

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