PSE 2022 and Premiere Elements 2022 Is Here

Again, I have fallen way behind posting anything here. My bad. Back in early October, Adobe released Photoshop Elements 2022, and Premiere Elements 2022. As a member of the Adobe Beta Test Team, I have had the opportunity to use the latest version for the past several months.

This latest version provides new and improved capabilities that will benefit both new and current users of the program. The program continues to use more and more AI technology, which Adobe calls Sensei.

Introducing Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 & Premiere Elements 2022 | Adobe

Using the Zoom tool in your PDF Reader will allow you to zoom in and scroll around the document. For those who just want to focus on PSE 2022 vs. PSE 2021 differences, the two figures below will do that.

Organizer Improvements

PSE 2022 Organizer Improvements


In the coming weeks I will describe and demonstrate new features of both programs. So stay tuned!


One thought on “PSE 2022 and Premiere Elements 2022 Is Here

  1. Thanks for the update info for Elements 2022.  I bought it when it first came out.  I continue to shoot Nikon and bought the Z6 mirrorless.  I really like this camera and had no problems importing my Z6 files into Elements 2021.  So I bought the Z6II and Elements wouldn’t work with 2021 and Catalina from Adobe.  I just got square outlines with no pictures.  I down loaded Nikon’s processing program but I kept getting Tiffs instead of Raw files.  Adobe spent a lot of time with me but I still couldn’t down load the Z6II files. They said I might need to buy the new upgraded Apple M-1  chip computer.  So $2500+ later I have a new 16Ram 2TB laptop that replaces my Mini. I now can load my files to my laptop.  Now the problem is the 14 inch is too small for my old. eyes.  I think that I can buy a monitor and hook it up to my laptop.  Do you have any suggestions for a ~24 inch monitor that has the quality that my laptop  has.  Right now I have to import the raw files to a jump drive and then work them in Elements 2022.  Also, Can I hook up my existing mini to the same monitor and keep Both of them working on the new monitor.We continue to travel the world.  November found us in Namibia for three weeks.This was our second time but with a photo tour.  What a difference.  We were the only tour our guide had since Covid.  He had to sell his car and take our a loan on his house just to survive.  So far he hasn’t had any other tours scheduled.  He is a great guide and very knowledgeable.  Every one tipped him well but he still is in bad financial shape. Haven’t seen any photos of your drone flying.  Are you still working with the drone?Hope you have a great 2022,Ed Fitzgerald

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