Torrance Class Handouts

This is the main page for the classes I will be teaching at Torrance this term. You will find a tab attached to this page for your particular class. You will need the password you were given in class to access the handouts.

Also you can view the Torrance Adult School catalog online and register from their website by CLICKING HERE. To see my descriptions of the classes, you can go directly to my website by CLICKING HERE.


13 thoughts on “Torrance Class Handouts

  1. Don I am confused Digital Photo/Video Using Microsoft Live (re-designed Projects in Digital Photography class)
    this is the class I have signed up for you are saying it starts on Sep 12th 2011 but on my paper work it says it does not start until October 24th
    so would you please confirm the date for me
    Thanks Karen


  2. 1/5/2012

    I’m so disappointed that your class “Photoshop CS5 for Photographers” has been cancelled. I found your last class ever so helpful but unfortunately had to miss several sessions. A friend and I had signed up for the winter session but just got notice that the course has been cancelled. The alternative class is geared toward graphic design and not what we are wanting. Please advise if you are teaching your course any where else. Thanks.

    Fran Hill


    • I am too, Fran. Torrance requires a minimum enrollment of 20, and we fell below that. I will try again in the spring. Thank you for at least trying to take the class.


      • Don,

        I’m wondering if the time of day the class was offered was a factor in the insuffient sign-ups. Although I prefer day time, that may not work well for working people. Let me know if you reschedule it anywhere for Spring.



      • Fran,
        That may very well be true. I suggested it be offered in the daytime this term, because the two previous terms had it given in the evening. I suspect we will move it back to an evening time slot in the spring. Thank you for your comment.


  3. Don
    Why don’t you offer a class in RAW photography and editing at Torrance if you have I don’t think I ever saw one listed in the catalog.


    • Terry,
      That is a good question. It is something I may very well do in the future. Up to now, I have concentrated on teaching my “core” classes at the South Bay Adult School, and Torrance. When I began teaching for PV NET a couple of years ago, I wanted to make sure that I did not hurt the enrollment at either of the schools by simply teaching the same thing at a different site. Although some overlap naturally occurs, I have tried to keep those classes unique.

      Another factor, is PV NET PSE 8 rather than PSE 7 as Torrance does. That opens up new topics that I can cover there to some extent. For example, teaching the class at RAW class at PV NET allows a slightly newer version of the ACR editor plug-in that’s in PSE. Building on that, it is a better environment in which to accommodate laptops and their power requirements for those students that do their photo editing on a laptop. In general, I just have a lot more flexibility in the classes I teach there.

      By the way, I was hoping to attract a new audience of PV residents that may find the Torrance campuses too far to drive. And to some extent this has happened. But, for whatever reason, most of my students in the classes I teach there are former Torrance students.

      All of that being said, it is time to rethink my strategy of what I teach and where I teach it. Far too many of my classes are being cancelled. Unlike it was when I first started teaching digital photography in the Fall of 2000, there are so many places and ways to get the knowledge and help, that I need to keep my classes fresh. Don’t be surprised that at some point in the relatively near future that a camera RAW class is not offered at Torrance.

      I really appreciate taking the time to ask your question here.


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