PVNET Course Handouts

PVNET has acquired a very large area in in Palos Verdes Promenade for the summer of 2015. They are located on the second level right beneath the Regal Theaters. During July I will be teaching Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC classes there.

I have been teaching digital photography courses for PVNET or Palos Verdes on the Net for several years.

Except for this summer, PVNET classes are generally held at the PVNET Annex computer center, which is adjacent to the Rancho Palos Verdes City Hall. The City Hall is located on Hawthorne Blvd between the Peninsula Center and Palos Verdes Drive South.  CLICK HERE to see an aerial map showing the how to get to the PV NET Annex building. This learning center has an excellent projection system and only 16 computers, which make for a very good learning environment. However, the small number of computers can cause classes to fill up rapidly, so registering early is recommended.

PVNET is a non-profit organization and has been in existence for many years offering courses and other services for the community. To see the description/schedule and to register for the classes I will be teaching this summer at PVNET, CLICK HERE.

For those of you who are not familiar with PV NET CLICK HERE for a short video recorded by Cox Cable that includes a short interview with yours truly.

To contact PVNET directly this summer call 310 424-9498 or email education@pvnet.com.  Better yet drop by and see all of the great technology and educational activities PVNET is sponsoring this summer. 


14 thoughts on “PVNET Course Handouts

  1. I am interested in an Elements 6 or 7 class. Can you tell me if there are any and what day (and days of classes) and time they start.


    Bert Argo


  2. Hi Bert,

    I added you to my Torrance email list and will be sending out an email as soon as I know my schedule there. Classes will start in January.

    I presume you are already familar with this class offered by PVNET, right. We will use PSE 8 which is essentially the same as PSE 7.

    This class be a good one to take while you wait for January to come around.

    Take care,



  3. Hi Don. I tried to copy the DVD I made in the class on my C drive. It uploaded but cannot play it back. I just went to the drive where the DVD is and right clicked on the drive and copied and pasted. It copied it as 2 separate files, a video and a sound file. Can you help me. Thanks


    • Rebecca,

      Normally, when you insert a DVD into your computer’s DVD drive, after several seconds the movie begis to play automatically. You don’t need to copy it to your computer. The DVD files have a unique format that are not played back in the normal way.

      I’m curious, did the DVD not play back on your computer? Is that why you wanted to copy it to your C drive? Did the DVD play back on your TV’s DVD player?


  4. Hi Don. Thanks for your response. I am able to play back the DVD on my computer. I just want to upload it on Youtube. I figured it must be on my C drive before I could upload. Can I upload to Youtube right from DVD?


    • Hi Rebecca,

      You are right. You will have to get the right files onto your C drive. You may have to convert the video files first for YouTube. Let me look into this. I have never uploaded files directly from a DVD to YouTube.


  5. Hi Don, the video I uploaded to Youtube has no music. My voice is there but the music is no longer there. what do I do?


    • Hi Rebecca,

      Is this the movie that you played in class and then uploaded the .vob fie(s) drom the DVD to YouTube? Also, since our class is over, it will be easier to continue our discussion via email. So email me your answer, ok?


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    • Sandy,

      The class is scheduled to cost $65. To register see the above post which I have pasted part of here.

      “Soon you will be able to register for the class at the Palos Verdes on the Net website at http://www.palosverdes.com/edu/. To register early or get more information, you can email Aria McKain at ariam@palosverdes.com or call 310-544-5395. To see a description of the class CLICK HERE. ”

      I’m sorry for any confusion.



  7. Hi Don, Just to let you know I have seen , The TV Clip it was really good, I am trying to Record it so if I manage it, I will have a copy for you on Wednesday …
    PS they must have getting thire dates wrong..


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