Spring Digital Photography Classes


My winter classes at both Torrance Adult School and the South Bay Adult School are coming to a close.

The Spring Term starts on March 24th, less than two weeks away. Both schools have mailed their catalog and have their online registration open. Here are the classes I will be teaching at both schools.

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ipad 101  Wed. 12:30-2:30 pm

iPad – Photography Tues 12:30-2:30 pm

Your Digital Camera Mon 9:30-11:30 am starting April 21st

Photoshop CS5 and Camera RAW Thurs 5:30-7:30 pm

You can find my description of each of these classes by CLICKING HERE.


South Bay Adult School

Photo editing Using Photoshop Elements 11 Tues 5:00-7:00 pm

Using Your Advanced Digital Camera Mon 5:00-7:00 pm

You can find my description of these classes by CLICKING HERE.

Don’t miss out. These are the last classes I will be teaching until the fall.

Microsoft’s Photosynth Program Revisited

PC Desk

A couple of months ago I posted an article on Microsoft’s free Photosynth program. The post can be viewed here.

The iPad Photosynth app is one of those that we are covering in my current iPad for Photography class at PVNET. We will also be looking at this app in the iPad for Photography starting in a couple of weeks at the Torrance Adult School.

My Fall Classes

I now know the classes I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult Schooland for Torrance starting in September.

The fall term for both school districts start on September 9th. Registration has not yet started but will shortly. it is best to check with the schools to find out when on-line and walk-in registration begins. You can do that by clicking on the above links.

CLICK HERE to see my description and the schedule for the courses I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult School.

CLICK HERE for my description and schedule for the courses I will be teaching at Torrance.

I will also be teaching classes for PVNET, but do not have them defined or scheduled yet. Classes there are not run on a fixed term schedule. Once I know the next class I will be teaching there, I will post it here.


Torrance iPad Class

Just a quick note. A student emailed me this morning to say the iPad class at Torrance is already filled. I don’t know if that means filled for both on-line registration, as well as for on-site registration.

At any rate, if you have an interest in taking the class, you should check with the school a soon as possible.

Regarding the Photoshop Elements 11 class at the South Bay Adult School, I know that  people have registered on-line already for it. Those of you that receive a SBAS catalog should get one in the next couple of days. From what I can tell, this class may also fill up early.

I’m a Photoshop Elements User: Why do I want to learn Photoshop CS5?

So you have been using Photoshop Elements for some time and are reasonably comfortable with it, at least for the tools and techniques you routinely use.

Why would you want to learn how to use Photoshop CS5? After all, it does have a reputation of having a steep learning curve. To answer that question, here are some points to consider.

Photoshop Elements is Built With the Same Engine Beneath its Hood

Many of the commands and internal routines of Elements are based on or identical to those used in Photoshop. That means that once you get into command, say Levels, the two programs work exactly or nearly the same. A typical scenario is that Photoshop often includes additional sliders within a command to fine tune the results. The basic user interface between classic versions of Elements (pre PSE 11) is quite similar to Photoshop.

Elements and Photoshop Share  Many of  the Same Tools

The core Tools in the Tool box on the left side of the screen are essentially the same. But again, Photoshop has additional tools and some have options that Elements does not. But if you know how to use a tool in Elements, you will have little trouble adapting to its use in Photoshop.

Photoshop has a Large Number of Presets

These are easy to access and provide essentially one click fixes to the image in a similar way that Elements works. But again, there are more of them. These were added into Photoshop by Adobe, not so much as training wheels, but rather to boost the productivity of a busy photographers. So much for the steep learning curve. To use these presets requires little knowledge.

Photoshop Editing Techniques can Often be Directly Used in Elements

Since Elements supports using capabilities such as Layers, Selections, and Masks, specific techniques on learns using Photoshop, can be directly applied in Elements, or using a simple workaround for a missing command.

The Two Programs Work Well Together

If you use the Organizer in Elements, you can select a photo and send it to Photoshop directly instead of the Editor in Elements. Upon returning, you will have the edited file as part of a Version Set.

So What Does all of this mean?

I will be teaching my Photoshop CS5 and Camera RAW class at the Torrance Adult School in January on Thursday evenings. I will not be teaching the Basic Photo Editing class or the Advanced Photo Editing class using Photoshop Elements this winter.

So, if you have taken the Basic Photo Editing with Elements class and would like to learn some more advanced techniques, the Photoshop CS5 class may be what you are looking for.

Also, as a student you will be able to buy Photoshop CS6 for about $200 instead of the normal $700+.

Please leave any comments or questions you may have in the Comments section below.

My Digital Photography Classes–Winter Term

I have posted the descriptions and schedule for the classes I will be teaching during the winter term for Torrance and the South Bay Adult School. Click on the link below, and then look in the column on the left for the schools.


I am really excited about the iPad class I will be teaching at Torrance and the Photoshop Elements 11 class I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult School.

I will also be teaching additional classes for PV NET this winter. When I know more details, I’ll post them here.

Both schools should be mailing their catalogs in a couple of weeks or so. Check with the individual school for when on-line registration begins. Classes start on January 7, 2013 at both schools.

Last Chance to Register for Fall Classes

Classes start next week at the South Bay Adult School, Torrance, andPV NET. If you have been procrastinating on whether or not to take a class this term, you better decide quickly!

Waiting very much longer may find the class cancelled due to low enrollment, or even filled to capacity. Both are possible.

To review the classes I will be teaching starting next week, you can click on the link below and then follow the link on the left for the school you want to attend.


I hope to see you in one of the classes.