Avalon Harbor PhotoSynth

Last week I went to Catalina Island for the day. As expected I took a lot of photos. Among them was a seven-image sequence that I first stitched it into a panorama using Photoshop. The resulting file was 19524×4178 pixels or about a 81.5 megapixel image. If I were to print it at 300 dpi, it would be about 65 in. wide and13 in. high.


So instead I used Microsoft’s free Image Composite¬†Editor to stitch the seven images together and then their free Photosynth service to publish the image for exploring using your web browser.

Click on the link below, using the buttons at the bottom of the display to zoom in all of the way. Then drag your mouse around to explore the image.

The program ICE and Photosynth can do much more than my simple panorama. Click on the above links, open a free Photosynth account, download the ICE program, and make your own huge resolution image. There is even a Photosynth app for your  iPhone/iPad or other mobile device.

Share the link to your results in the comments below.


Microsoft’s ICE 2.0 Released

Microsoft recently released Version 2 of their Image Composite Editor produced by their Research Labs. It free and fun to play with.

Here is my first attempt at using this new version, which I uploaded to their Photosynth site for viewing. The file started with six photos I shot with my iPhone.


Use the controls to zoom around the composite image.