Microsoft Movie Maker 2012 Class

Hi Everyone,

Time is running out to sign up for the Microsoft Movie Maker 2012 class I will be teaching at Torrance, beginning Tuesday, Feb 10th at 10:00am.

The class is a bit low on registrations, and will no doubt be cancelled if additional students are not registered.

Movie Maker 2012 is a free program from Microsoft that will help you turn those quick videos clips from your cell phone or camera into something special. See the description below.

Email me if you have any questions.

Using Microsoft’s Free Movie Maker 2012 Video Editor

Are you finding that you are taking more and more videos with your camera or smart phone? Would you like to combine these videos into a multi-media presentation, including menus and special effects that you can share with family and friends? Or do you just want to learn about video editing? In any case, this class is for you.

Microsoft’s Movie Maker 2012 is available as a free download. You will learn how to combine a series of your photos and video clips to produce a movie that can be shared with family and friends. You will learn how to edit the video clips, add background music, add special effects and titles, and finally produce the finished movie. Your finished movie will also be output to a DVD for playing on a TV or uploaded to YouTube. This is an excellent course for you, if you are just beginning to explore digital video editing and production.

Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 pm beginning February 10th for 5 Meetings (Griffith)

Winter iPad and Photoshop Classes

Both the South Bay Adult School (SBAS) and the Torrance Adult School (TAS) have mailed their catalogs for the Winter term which starts  January 5th. Online registration for the classes will start shortly.

I have updated my descriptions and schedule for the classes I will be teaching this winter.

To see the classes I will be teaching at each school, click on the respective links below.

TAS_MG_8622_edited-1 FB Page Photo


SBAS P9210638_edited-1-website-photo-2

Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding the classes.

Fall Class Reminder and Short Survey

The summer is going by far too quickly. The fall term will be starting before you know it. Both the Torrance Adult School and the South Bay Adult School will be mailing their catalogs and opening their online registration very soon. The fall term starts on September 8th for both schools.

I have the description and schedule for the classes I will be teaching this fall posted on my website. You can see them by clicking on the links below.

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Torrance Adult School


South Bay Adult School

As always, the technology continues to change which creates new challenges but also new opportunities for learning. Below I have included a short survey that will help me determine just what subjects you would like to see classes offered either at one of the schools, as well as PVNET.

Also, let me know if you are interested in taking an online class similar to those I now teach in adult education. An online class actually allows more opportunities for me to interact with you and provide personal feedback than is often possible in a classroom situation.

As a reminder, my classes cover of digital photography in general, including, using your camera, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Lightroom, and video editing with Movie Maker, and other programs.  Additionally, I teach basic iPad/iPhone classes, as well as those focused on using these devices to enhance your photography and the images they capture.

For those of you who have thought about learning Photoshop and/or Lightroom, but have not taken that step due to the high cost, now may be the time. You can rent the latest versions of both Lightroom, and Photoshop for $9.99 per month. In fact, that is the only way you can get Photoshop anymore. Additionally, both programs are updated multiple times per year adding new features. This is something to think about as you complete the survey below.

One final thought. Adult school budgets continue to by very tight. They simply cannot keep up with the latest software updates. As I hope you know, one way I have been trying to deal with this is to teach classes, like Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5, using a laptop. These classes do require you to have the applicable software on your laptop, which for many of you is the case anyway.

So far, I have taught these laptop classes only at PVNET. However, I understand that Torrance is going to be setting up a classroom specifically for this type of class for the winter term. That will open up a lot of new opportunities there.

Ok, the survey is below. It is short. I would really appreciate it if you would take the minute or two it takes to complete it. Thanks a lot!

Fall Digital Photography Classes


I know my schedule for the digital photography and iPad classes I will be teaching this fall. To see the classes I will be teaching at the South Bay Adult School, click on the figure below..


For those I will be teaching at Torrance, click on the figure below.

_MG_8622_edited-1 FB Page Photo

Both Schools should have their catalogs mailed  their online registration open in August.


PVNET Movie Maker Class Coming in May

As I previously posted, One of the classes I’ll be teaching in May is Microsoft’s Movie Maker. One of the topics we will cover is called WOW Effects in DVD Maker. This technique, developed and popularized by PapaJohn Buechler, allows you to apply the Menu themes/effects available in Microsoft’s DVD Maker as a title clip for any of your video productions, not just those that you burn to a DVD.

Movie Maker comes in versions compatible with the various versions of Windows (covered in class) and is a free download, while DVD Maker is part of Vista and Windows 7.

Below is a link that shows the various themes/effects available in DVD Maker. The photos you see would be  samples from your particular project. By the way, the PVNET computers have Movie Maker installed, but you are more than welcome to bring your laptop.

DVD Effects Title Screen

Click here to find out more and to register for this class or the Photoshop CC Level 2 class.

By the way, you can follow me on Facebook by clicking on the appropriate link on this page. If you do, I would appreciate you liking my page.


PVNET May Classes – Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for the Adobe Friday cases I will be teaching in May. PVNET has reduced the cost of these four-week classes to $60. And remember I will be available during the optional lab session from 5:00-6:00 pm if you need any help outside of class or just want to come early or stay late and chat. The lab sessions are open to registered students.

The classes I will be teaching in May are Photoshop Level 2, and Microsoft Movie Maker Level 1. To find out more about these classes and to register, click on the image below.



Lightroom 5 Class Coming to PVNET




 If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that I teach classes for PVNET, a non-profit organization in Palos Verdes. I’ve been teaching classes there for about three years or so. Beginning in March, and going through May, I will be teaching a series of six different classes.

One of them will be Lightroom 5. I’ve been wanting to teach a beginning class in Lightroom for some time, so I am really excited about finally getting a chance to do this. Many of you have asked if I was going to teach a Lightroom class sometime. In fact, I excited about the entire series of classes.

We are still finalizing the details, but here is what we know so far. To begin with, all of the classes will be either Friday afternoon or Friday night. They will each be four weeks and meet for two hours per session. One of the unique features of the classes is that there will be an open one-hour lab between the afternoon and evening class where students of either class can drop in for some extra help or to work on individual projects using the skills they learned in their particular class.  Afternoon classes will start at 3:00 pm and the evening classes will start at 6:30 pm, with the joint lab session running from 5:00-6:00 pm.

Also, for most of the classes you will be using your Windows or Mac laptop and working with your own pictures.

Here are the classes.


3:00-5:00 pm              iPad/iPhone Photography

6:30-8:30 pm              Lightroom Level 1


3:00-5:00 pm              Introduction to Digital Photography

6:30-8:30 pm              Photoshop Level 1


3:00-5:00 pm              Movie Maker Level 1

6:30-8:30 pm              Lightroom Level 2

Look for more information, including how to register for these classes in the coming weeks. Shortly, information on how to register for these classes will be posted on the PVNET website.

For those of you who have taken classes at PVNET, you know that it is a great facility. Space is limited, however, so you will need to sign up as soon as registration opens to secure your spot.

Let me know what you think about these classes by leaving a comment.

PVNET Movie Maker Video Editing Class–April 19th

I will be teaching a basic video editing course using Microsoft’s  for PVNET beginning April 19th.

Video Editing Using Microsoft’s Movie Maker

Are you finding that you are taking more and more videos with your camera or smart phone? Would you like to combine these videos into a multi-media presentation, including menus and special effects that you can share with family and friends? Or do you just want to learn about video editing? If so, this class may be for you.

In this course you will learn how to use Microsoft’s free Movie Maker to edit and enhance your videos. You will learn how to import, enhance, create, and ultimately share your multi-media presentations. Your presentations will include photos, video clips along with background music. You will learn how to share the presentation on a DVD and upload it to YouTube or other sites.

You may bring in your laptop and work with your own media. Or if you do not have a laptop, you can use one of PV NET’s computers to work with your own pictures and video clips using media loaded on the computers.

To find out more and to register, click on the link below.

Classes Coming up at PV NET

I will be teaching two new classes starting soon for PV NET.

The “Using Your iPad for Photofraphy” class starts next week, Thursday, February 20th, and the “Video Editing Using Microsoft’s Movie Maker” starts April 19th.

You can find out more information and register for these classes by CLICKING HERE.