Refocusing My Blog

I have been continuing to post topics here that interest me and are generally related to my prime hobby of digital photography/video. I also write about related topics that I hope you find interesting and useful. For example, I have had a drone for sometime now. I bought my first drone primarily to explore my photography.

Vert Pan 1 ON1 HDR Glow Landscape.jpg

I looked at my About page, as well as other pages and links here and found many had outgrown their relevance. So I have started by updating my About page today to align it more closely to what I am doing now. In the coming weeks and months, I will be updating  both my blog and my website,

Take a look at my new About page –  until next time.

Organizing Your Photos Using Photoshop Elements Class

This short video briefly describes the Organizing Your Photos class I will be teaching this winter at both the South Bay Adult School and the Torrance Adult School. To register for either class, click on the applicable school link. If you want to see the descriptions/schedules for this class and other classes I’m teaching this winter, see the panel on the left.

Organizing Your Photos Using Photoshop Elements

Check it out.

New PV NET Digital Photography Class Starting March 7th

I have a new class starting for PV NET beginning Monday, March 7th from 1:00-3:00 pm for five sessions. The class is titled, “Introduction to Digital

Photography – The Basics”. This is the first class I will be teaching on Monday afternoons for PV NET. Here are the main topics we will be covering:

Session 1 – Take a series of pictures and then upload them to the PVNET computers.

Session 2 – Use Photoshop Elements 8 to organize/find your pictures quickly.

Session 3 – Use Photoshop Elements 8 to quickly enhance your photos.

Session 4 – Make a simple slide show using Photoshop Elements 8.

Session 5 –   Learn how to email your photos from Photoshop Elements 8.

Each one of the sessions will be a basic introduction to the topic that will allow you to get started enjoying the photos you have taken with your digital camera. The neat thing about the class is that you will be using your own photos taken during Session 1. PV NET overlooks Point Vicente and has a great view of Catalina, so make sure you bring your camera to the first day of class.

I suspect that for most readers of my blog, this class may be too basic. If that is the case, please pass on this information to a friend who is just starting to explore digital photography. If you have taken one of my classes in the past, you may still want to take this course. It will provide an excellent way to review some of the key topics.

To register CLICK HERE and follow the link or you can email/call Emily Chen directly at  or 310 544-5395.

Remember bring your camera and cable/card reader to the first day of class. We will be taking pictures.

Hello Everyone!

This is my very first attempt at blogging – anywhere! I am not even sure of the proper protocol or ettiquite I should follow. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to figure out how to do this sort of thing.

I have maintained a couple of web sites for some time now and have found that I need something more immediate to communicate my ideas and get feedback than my web sites provide. My sites will not win any design awards. I basically ut them together with MS Word, and I am not very artistically inclined. Here are their URLs:       
The Main Entry page that you can use to get to the two sites below.      
Leuzinger HS Class of ’63 site   
My digital photography web site 

Actually you can tell quite a bit about me, just from the addresses above. That’s me, Don Stouder. When I took out my domain name, I could not think of anything clever. Apparently, I am the first Don Stouder (There are others in this world.) registering a .com web site.

Quite some time ago, I started a web site for my high school graduating class. I think it has helped our class stay in touch over the years. 

I use my Digital Photo Corner to stay in touch with my students. I have been teaching digital photograhy and related courses in the South Bay area of Los Angeles for over seven years now. One of the main uses of my web site is to let students know what courses I will be teaching where during the following term. Over the years thes classes that are taught in two different school districts have been quite popular and are often filled as soon as registration opens. Posting their description and schedule on my web site, gives my students a heads up for what is being offered when before they see the schools’ online announcements or receive their catalog in the mail. I also maintain an email distribution list that I use for the same purpose. It contans well over a 1000 names now.

That brings me to why I started this blog. It takes a lot of time to keep the web sites current (Something I do not do well enough.) and the distribution lists up to date. Also, except for the Guest Book, web sites seem to be one way ventures. Initially, I will concentrate on digital photography and related PC subjects in my blog. But I am sure other subjects will creep in as I go along and learn about blogging.  

Ok, that is enough for my first blogging effort. Happy New Year!