Photoshop Elements 15 Organizer: Importing Photos From a Disk Drive

Assuming that you are just starting out using the Organizer in PSE 15 (actually any version of PSE), you are going to want to begin to populate your Catalog with pictures and videos. You are either going to want to upload new pictures from your camera or smartphone, or import pictures already on your PC.

Here, I will cover the latter. Importing from your camera or smartphone will be covered later.

Clicking on the figure below, will open a PDF file that describes the steps. I am using PSE 15, but the steps and figures are the same for recent previous versions of Elements.


I also have a YouTube video that explains importing photos from your PC into the Organizer’s catalog. The example specifically uses a folder you created on your desktop into which you have downloaded pictures from the internet, or possibly copied pictures you received from an email. This video uses PSE 14, but again, the screens and steps are identical for PSE 15. Click on the figure below to view the video.


In both examples, you are just taking an inventory of what is on your computer and letting the Organizer of PSE know where the pictures are located. The pictures themselves are not moved or altered. Generally speaking you will be importing the photos contained in the Pictures folder on your C Drive. But as you have seen, the concept is the same no matter where they are contained on your PC.

I will cover importing images from you camera or smartphone in a later post, so stay tuned.

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Until next time…




2 thoughts on “Photoshop Elements 15 Organizer: Importing Photos From a Disk Drive

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  2. Dear Don,

    I am running MS$ Windows 10 64 bit Pro. I have Adobe PSE 10 left over from when I was running MS$ windows 7 64 bit Pro.

    I have an image that was edited in PSE 10. I smudged out scratches an fold marks. It had tearing. I taped the back of the photo and scanned it in. It needs further editing in the layers. (My idea} MS$ Photographs will not do that. MS$ Paint does not have the tools.

    I am trying to update to Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 from PSE 10 and getting nowhere.

    I need a set of instruction to follow. Microsoft can most certainly screw things up. I have Photos on CD’s and DVD’s.

    Microsoft omitted MS$ Windows Media Center from the Windows 10 code. Think they want to monopolize pictures and images.

    Thanks for any help you might have. Esley ——————————————–


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