Recent 360-Degree Panorama From My Drone

2-27-17: Please note, Microsoft has removed Photosynth, so the link referred to here is no longer valid. They have provided a Photosynth Viewer, as of right now, I not determined an effective method to link the viewer with my downloaded .pano files.

I am currently reviewing alternate ways to produce and display 3D or VR panoramas. Please stay tuned.

The link below is to a recent 360-degree panorama I took from my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone. There was several steps involved to produce the VR or 3D rendering of the image.

  1. I used the Litchi app to automatically take the single row of images making up the 360 degrees.
  2. Then each of the 6 images were edited in Photoshop CC 2015 to correct for DJI camera lens, and remove some haze.
  3. Microsoft’s Image Composition Editor, ICE was used to stitch the photos together.
  4. And finally, Microsoft’s Photosynth program was used to render the 3D view shown in the link.

The Litchi app controls the drone, and making panoramas, including spherical ones is one of its more basic capabilities. There are several other programs that can do the stitching and rendering, and are supposed to do an even better job of rendering the images.

I have just begun to explore the Litchi app, and producing panoramas. I’ll post other noteworthy results here in the future.


Click on the above image to view the panorama.

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