Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements 14

As Adobe has done for the past several years, they have released the latest version of Photoshop Elements, PSE 14. This is an incremental change that improves the overall performance of the program and adds a couple of nifty new features.

To learn all about Photoshop Elements 14, click on the figure below.

pse 14 welcome

My favorite new feature is the Haze Removal  command in the Photo Editor. If you are like me, you will want to go back to those hazy landscapes you have taken in the past and revisit them with this new filter.

It does a surprisingly good job on cutting through the haze, even on those images you have already gotten as good as you could. Start with the original rather than the edited version for best results, especially if they are JPEG images.

Here is an example of what Auto Haze Removal can do. You can also adjust its strength and sensitivity.

Before after Auto Haze


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