Phantom 2 Vision+ — My First Autonomous Flight

A few days ago I accomplished my first totally autonomous flight with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopter.

Everything work as advertised, but it was scary to watch my $1300 drone sail off into the distance and becoming a little more than a speck in the sky.

The Phantom has a mode where you enter a series of waypoints on the map, and specify what altitude you want to be at over each point. Once you press Go on your iPhone/iPad app, the motors start and Phantom takes off on the defined mission.

For my first flight I entered only two waypoints. The altitude was set at 98 ft automatically. Regardless of the number you put in, the last one is the takeoff location.

Please Note: I just discovered that to ply the video properly, you must click on the YouTube button, rather than the large Play arrow/

There were several lessons learned from this first flight that I will heed in the future.


4 thoughts on “Phantom 2 Vision+ — My First Autonomous Flight

    • Actually Gordon, they are not major, but they are important to me. For example, next time, I think I will use only one waypoint, up and back. Not very interesting, but it will give me enough time to grab a few screen captures to document the flight parameters being displayed on my iPhone. Up to now, I’ve hesitated doing that, because I am so intent on flying.

      Also, I will be able to take more time to change camera settings and orientation. That should improve the photos/videos I take. There are other little things as well. Once I get more comfortable and experienced, I’ll venture out to more interesting locations.

      I believe the camera link to the iPhone is good to about 800m. Also, I believe that the controller is good to about 1500m, but don’t quote me. I’ve paid little attention to these limits since they are so far beyond my needs or desires.


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