Exercising Return to Home on My Dji Phantom 2

I’ve been flying my Dji Phantom 2 Vision+ regularly at least once a week. I’m still learning and have pretty much flown in park areas without trees.

Earlier this week, I was going to try to fly overlooking the PV coast near Trump’s golf course. When I got there, however, I judged it to be too windy for me – probably not for my Phantom. So, I went to the Field of Dreams Soccer park instead.

The video below concludes with the automatic Return to Home (RTH) maneuver. I ran the batteries down to below the 30% remaining level. The iPhone flight controller app started beeping displaying the low battery warning message, and the Phantom took over its own control, came back and landed where it had taken off from. Nice, but somewhat scary just the same.

Click on the image blow to watch the video.




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