Use Lightroom to Display Your Camera’s Focus Point

Have you ever wondered why an image is not as sharp as you would like, and wondered where exactly the camera’s focus point was located? I have plenty of times.

True, with most cameras you can see this using the right Info view button on your camera. This works well as long as the image is still on your memory card. But what about after you have uploaded the image to your computer and are editing it? The metadata in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements does not show this information.

However, if you use Lightroom 5 and shoot RAW images there is a free plug-in that does just that. I learned about this plug-in from the DIY Photography website at the ling below.

Click on the image below to learn how to download, install and use the plug-in.



The author says it will work on most cameras, especially Nikon or Canon cameras. He also states it may work on some JPEG images. However, it does not work on any of mine. Below is an example of what it showed for one of my images. Well at least I got a sharp image of the net.

My Example of Focuspoint

I do not use Lightroom 5 for my primary image management or editing program now. But it is plug-ins like this that could sway me to use Lightroom 5 more.


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