The Difference Between Men and Boys is the…


I have been thinking about buying a quad-copter or drone for some time now. I flew U-Control model airplanes as a kid. Now I want to try my hand at taking some photos and videos from a drone. Nothing spectacular, mind you, real simple and close-in stuff is my goal. These are not toys and you need to learn to fly them safely first.

I’m first going to have to learn to fly it. That’s why I decided to buy the DJI Phantom 2 Visual+. It is supposed to be one of the simplest to fly.

It took me a long time to learn to fly my model airplanes. Fortunately, the one I received for Christmas one year was plastic and was held together with rubber bands. When I crashed it, everything just flew apart but did not break. I hope I learn faster with the Phantom.   I have a lot more invested in it.

I have lots to learn over the coming months. I should get mine in about a week. I’m looking forward to posting photos taken from it at some point,  rather than images of it shattered into tiny pieces.

Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “The Difference Between Men and Boys is the…

  1. Don:

    Cool project to work/play on/with… Have FUN with it! Keep us posted when you get it… and as you learn to use it!

    Let us know if you need any search and rescue operations/backup!



  2. Hmmm… Men… and boys…

    I appreciate the colloquialism, but as a very proud, very active female builder and pilot, the phrase kinda hits me the wrong way. Boys fly toys. Men fly drones. And women fly….???

    I can certainly see that you didn’t mean any offense by the headline, but keep in mind that the stuff that keeps girls and women out of male-dominated fields like drones is just this kind of subtle message that we don’t belong here.

    Otherwise, congratulations on your new baby. You’ll have a lot of fun. Get good guidance from an experienced pilot to help you learn the ropes of flying, find a group of people to meet up and fly with, and have an amazing time in a truly wondrous hobby.

    Edie Sellers
    Drone and UAV Examiner


    • You are absolutely right. The last thing I wanted to do is offend anyone or communicate the wrong message. And I do apologize if I did. I have a daughter, and two granddaughters, and want them to be given the same opportunity to pursue their dreams no matter where that leads them.


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