PVNET Movie Maker Class Coming in May

As I previously posted, One of the classes I’ll be teaching in May is Microsoft’s Movie Maker. One of the topics we will cover is called WOW Effects in DVD Maker. This technique, developed and popularized by PapaJohn Buechler, allows you to apply the Menu themes/effects available in Microsoft’s DVD Maker as a title clip for any of your video productions, not just those that you burn to a DVD.

Movie Maker comes in versions compatible with the various versions of Windows (covered in class) and is a free download, while DVD Maker is part of Vista and Windows 7.

Below is a link that shows the various themes/effects available in DVD Maker. The photos you see would be  samples from your particular project. By the way, the PVNET computers have Movie Maker installed, but you are more than welcome to bring your laptop.

DVD Effects Title Screen

Click here to find out more and to register for this class or the Photoshop CC Level 2 class.

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4 thoughts on “PVNET Movie Maker Class Coming in May

  1. Hi Don,

    I am in your IPad 101 class in Torrance and I just wanted you to know I updated on the iPad. thanks for your help today. Peggy Bonach


  2. Hi Don,

    It’s been several years since I took your class but I thought I could contact you with respect to a special query.

    I’ve been using a Nikon Coolpix P1/P2 for several years (at least 6 or 7 years). I’ve loved it except that it doesn’t have a manual viewfinder. The result is that when I use the monitor with the sun at my back it is difficult, usually, to see the image of the object being taken. With that in mind, I need to replace the Coolpix because it has been lost. Can you recommend a particular camera that I can replace it with that is generally in the same price range and has a manual view finder?

    Thanks and regards,

    Howard “Bud” Friedman


    • Hi Bud,
      I don’t have ant specific models to recommend. Additional I have not stayed up with what is happening in the compact camera area. With smartphones getting better and better cameras and with the price drops as technology improves, many people are replacing their older compacts with DSLRs, mirrorless, or micro 4/3’s to throw some technical terms at you. 🙂

      Also. it seemed to me that the more recent compact cameras were deleting the viewfinder opting instead for the screen on the back. They brighter now, but I suspect still pose a problem in bright sun.

      I have two suggestions, go into Best Buy and see what they have in compacts and larger cameras that have a viewfinder. Also, check out the reviews and pictures at the following two websites. But take not as to wen the review was written. They have been doing reviews for a long time, so old models are there as well. Good luck. It’s fun to buy new photo gear.



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