PSE 12 Does Not Always Display Events Dates – Easy to Fix Though

I have been a long-time user of Photoshop Elements, upgrading with each and every version since the original PSE. I’m also a big user of its Organizer.

Like many people, it took me awhile to become comfortable with the new interface and associated workflows introduced in PSE 11.

One of my favorite improvements added in PSE 12, was the addition and handling of the  Events and Places to the Task Panel on the right, as had been done with People in PSE 11. Now I can easily add new Events (and Places) using the new workspaces at the top of window, or continue to add them via the tagging process I have been using for over a decade.

My large Catalog (currently 41K items) was converted from version to version, essentially automatically, as I installed a new PSE version.

Now, I generally add new Events via the Events button at the bottom of the Organizer’s screen. Doing this works as expected.

My 250+ existing Events were converted from my PSE 11 Catalog and added to both the Events workspace and the Events Tags in the right panel   when I installed PSE 12.

After quickly checking the Catalog conversion after installing PSE 12, I did not use the Events workspace to view existing events, instead finding/viewing them from the Events Tags panel in on the right.

At some point, I noticed that my Events as viewed from the Events workspace  at the top of the screen showed Unknown Date instead of the actual Event date, even though each photo was labeled with the shot date. This is illustrated in the figure below.

Cropped No Event Dates

On the other hand, Events added via the Events workspace, sometimes referred to as the Events environment, were labeled properly.

But the fix is easy if not obvious – at least to me.

  1. Right click on an unexpanded Event in the Event workspace that shows the Undated label.
  2. Select the Edit option in the popup context sensitive menu.
  3. Note the Event’s dates are shown in the edit dialog box.
  4. Click OK

Now the proper dates for the Event are shown.

Events Date Corrected


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