New Features in Photoshop Elements 11


For the past ten years or so, each fall Adobe has introduced a new version of Photoshop Elements. Each new version added new features, fixed some issues in previous versions, and basically provided  incremental improvements to the previous version. In previous blog posts I have included a table that compares the newly released version to the preceding ones. Here is the comparison I posted last year where I compared PSE 7 through PSE 10.

In late September, Adobe announced Photoshop Elements 11 (PSE 11). But this time, the new version is quite different. Not since the Organizer was added in PSE 3 has there been such a large change.

The entire look, feel, and associated workflows (the steps you take to accomplish a task) have been radically changed to make the program easier to learn for new users and to make icons, arrows etc easier to find on the screen. These changes are intended to make the program more intuitive to use without removing any of its key features. Changes are made in both the Organizer and Editor to accomplish this goal.

Given these changes, it does not make sense to simply add another column to my existing table. Instead here is a YouTube slide presentation that highlights the most notable changes and improvements.

Make sure you set Quality to HD

You may also want to take a look at my two previous posts that show the new look of Photoshop Elements 11.

The Organizer’s New Look

The Editor’s New Look

I will be posting additional tips regarding how to use the new features of PSE 11, and how to adjust your workflow if you have been using previous versions. There is some relearning you will need to do as well as possibly rethinking how you want to manage your photo collection.

So stay tuned, for these. in the meantime, click on the Follow button on this page to get an email notice when I add a new post, click on the follow me on Facebook button to see if you would like to see future posts like this.

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