My Video Overview of PSE 11’s New Organizer

I have uploaded a video to YouTube that overviews the new look and feel of the Organizer in the just released Photoshop Elements 11.


I will upload additional videos covering the Editor and new features soon.

13 thoughts on “My Video Overview of PSE 11’s New Organizer

  1. Thank you for this overview Don. It was very helpful.

    Question (and it may be too early for you to answer). Do you know if the facial recognition feature has gotten any better? I still have issues with PSE10 not recognizing people and forcing me to manually tag everyone. This is one feature where Picasa is much more superb to PSE in this area.

    I saw that you didn’t use the facial recognition previously so you might not be able to answer but I thought I would check.




  2. Great job and great explanations! It really is a lot different…not sure I want to jump in just yet…I really like my organizer on 9, but it is much slower and has some glitches. Not to mention I am always searching for the button concealed in the black background.


  3. Thanks for the overview. I thin you did a great job. I just saw a video on elements 11 by another pro photographer and I like your’s much better. I’ve not had a chance to take your organizer class and am still hoping to do so, but might wait until you offer it in this version. I do OK in Apple’s iphoto as I convert everything to discs after I’m finished making mu books and DVD’s. I would also like to take the CS6 class when our schedules make it possible so I don’t know when I’m going to be able to take another class the next five months as I’ll be in and out of the country two and three weeks at a time.


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  5. Don, I just downloaded the new PSE11. When I opened it, it asked if I wanted to convert…I said yes. It looks like I don’t have to go to my back-up to re-install my catalog. It’s all there! Can this be that easy?


  6. Don, another question: Should I immediately do a new back-up? My latest back-up would presumably be for PSE9…or should I just keep my latest back-up in the event that I had to restore 11?


    • Peggy,

      It is that easy as long as you stay on the same PC. What I sometimes do is to back up the older PSE’s catalog before install – probably not necessary. You can keep both versions of PSE installed. BUT once you begin to use PSE 11, the catalog of PSE 9 becomes less current and thus less useful.

      Also, if your PC were to crash now, it might be easier to get back to this state through restoring the new PSE 11 catalog, rather than doing the conversion of the PSE 9 catalog after fixing your PC and re-installing PSE 11. I’m probably making this more complicated than need be. Let’s just say that if you have an earlier backup of the PSE 11 catalog, and a backup of the PSE 9 catalog right before you converted to using PSE 11, you have the most options to recover from a nearterm crash of your PC.

      By the way, I am assuming here that you are upgrading to PSE 11 permanently and not just trying it out.


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  9. Don,
    Good job on the video for PSE 11. I have about 25,000 photos in my catalog. I have taken the leap from PSE 6, but quickly disabled facial recognition and all the Analyze functions. I was not fast enough, however, and observed that before I disabled it the Analyze function had added numerous tags to previously existing tags – things like “in-Focus”, “Blurred”, “Hi Quality”, “Medium Quality” and dozens of others. These tags appear in the tag list ahead of my own tags forcing me to scroll down the tag list to see my own tags. So after disabling Analyze functions, I took the time to delete all the tags it had added to my photos. I’m wondering if you find the analyze function useful or if you have also disable it. I suspect I will not utilize the Places and Events features. None of my photos have place information attached, and it looks like a lot of work to add them to 25,000 photos! Other than that I find PSE 11 to be just fine, although it does take some getting used to.
    I do have a questions regarding meta data. Is all metadata stored with the individual photo files or is some of it (like the tags, captions, and description info that I have added) stored in the PSE catelog? Of what use are the .xmp files created and stored in a folder CAXMP by PSE when you select”Files > Write metadata to files” in PSE 11?


    • Jack, sorry for delay in approving this comment. I hope you got my email reply to the same questions. Since I’m not sure of their value, for the time being I am not sharing them here. When I have more to cointribute, I certainly will do that. These a very good questions about an important issue. Hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will join in.


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