Off to the Sierras & Hanging Out on Google+

Those of you that have been in my classes know I generally take a backpacking trip to the sierras about this time each year. Sunday morning I leave for this year’s trip. Not quite so rugged this year – not that it ever was, really. We’ll be doing a series of day hikes, but the nights will be spent in my friend’s cabin at Mammoth. Rather than being out under the stars at night sitting around the camp fire, the four of us will be hunched over our laptops, cell phones, or iPads.

We normally have lunch on the Friday before leaving to hash out the last minute details. This year we tried something new. We used the Hangout capability of Google+. We sent about 10 minutes talking about our trip and an hour wrestling with the technology. Of the five of us who connected, one could not get his microphone to work, so he wrote messages and held them up to the  screen. Another person was late arriving and had a hard time figuring out how to join a Hangout already in session. Another friend’s audio was awful, but it appeared he had too many duplicate windows open.

But we accomplished our goal, which was more about using Hangouts than trip planning.

With any luck, I may be able to post from the Sierras. I’m not taking my laptop, so we’ll see what I can do with my iPad.

South Lake


2 thoughts on “Off to the Sierras & Hanging Out on Google+

  1. Nice picture! Where have I seen that before? Hope you have a great time. We are going to Santa Fe New Mexico and into Moab for about ten days in September. What do you think about Google+?


    • You’ve no doubt been there and know it as Florence Lake. Just getting to know Google+ at thi point. Will probably have a better feel for it next week. My friends are old techies.


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