I Fried My PC’s Motherboard–Part 4

I believe I have moved/converted all of the Catalogs I need to for now.

For those of you who may be wondering why I have multiple Catalogs, don’t worry. For the vast majority of PSE users, one Catalog is quite sufficient. My situation and need for multiple Catalogs is unique and may very well not be the best way for me to handle my large collection of photos, videos, and audio files.

I have five prime Catalogs split between my two desktop computers, as well as a couple more on my laptop.

Here are the five relevant Catalogs that I’ve had to Restore and/or move as part of my recovery task. All of these now reside on my new PC I call PC3700. For clarity (mine) I will use  their actually names. Most of you have one Catalog and it is named My Catalog, which is great.

PSE 10 Beta Cat – This is my prime photo Catalog with about 34K photos/Videos

H264 Video PSE 10 – This is my prime video Catalog for HD video from my Canon 7D

Video Catalog 111 – Generally older videos from my camcorder and VHS tapes

Video Tutorials 1 – My video tutorials and those I’ve downloaded.

New Music Cat 2012 – My MP3 music collection

Keeping all of these straight as I’m converting, and moving their large number of files and folders from one PC to another or from a back-up external drive is proving to be quite a challenge.

On last bit of news to report. So far it has been no problem to install my Office 2010 Home Student edition on my new PC. I did call Microsoft Customer Service, but I don’t think they did much at their end. No nasty messages regarding too many installs, and I appear to be caught up on the latest security patches. Hopefully that will continue.

This whole process is taking time, because I need to do other things also. Right now my biggest problem is with Outlook email, which is only partially related to my computer crash.

Until next time, take care

Thanks for reading, and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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