I Fried My PC’s Motherboard–Part 3

I installed PSE 10 on my new PC, which I call PC3700. The 3700 reflects its 3.7 GHz processor speed.

I used my usual approach to migrate my photo collection to a new computer, by first doing a full backup using the PSE Back-up command, and then doing the PSE Restore command on the new PC. The link below is to the first post I made regarding the Back-up/Restore commands. There have been several since then. You can find them by using the Search field on the blog or browsing the Categories.


The process went smoothly, but it took some time. The backup of my current PSE 10 Catalog took about 3 hours or so. Its size has grown to over 34K pictures/video and about 375 Gb in size.

By the way, as your Catalog gets larger, there is a step in the beginning of the process, where PSE does not appear to be doing anything, no progress, no message – nothing. Be patient. In my case it probably took 5 minutes or so, I did not time it. After that things go slow for large Catalogs, but you see the progress.

Also, during the back-up and I think for the restore, progress gets to 45% for me, pretty quickly. It stalls there and then progresses at a steady but slow pace until it completes.

After installing PSE 10 on my new PC, I immediately made sure that the Auto Analysis preference was turned off. This is something I recommend doing. I don’t use it. In my experience it slows my PC down and is something I do not use.

Running the Restore command also takes quite a bit of time for large catalogs. It did not time this on my new computer, but it must have taken a couple of hours. Then after the Success message appears, PSE proceeds to re-generate all of the thumbnails. Generally speaking you can begin to use PSE, but I chose to let it continue the process and left it on all night.

There was one scary moment after the Restore command was completed and before all of the thumbnails had been rebuilt. At some point when I was just kind of snooping around, the program crashed. That had never happened before. Restarting the Organizer a few times resulted in it crashing again for getting fully started. However, I rebooted my computer and things have worked perfectly since then.

Yesterday, I backed up/restored on of the catalogs I use for videos. I chose to make a separate catalog for these older videos that I took with my video camcorder or copied from old VHS tapes – a project I have yet to complete.

I have a couple more catalogs to migrate.

I have not had a chance to use PSE or CS6 much on the new PC. I have some Outlook email issues on my new business (old photo) PC that has eaten into my time.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on “I Fried My PC’s Motherboard–Part 3

  1. ” I immediately made sure that the Auto Analysis preference was turned off.” Don, what do you mean by this? Is this a computer preference or a PSE preference? Sounds like something I am totoally unaware of doing.


    • Peggy, when you are in the Organizer, click on Edit > Preferences. You will see a slide out menu with categories of preferences. Make sure the Auto Analysis is off. I remove all of the check marks on that screen. I find it slows my computer down, I do not use the features it enables, like find similar pictures etc. I also don’t need Face Recognition. There are other Preferences I describe in the eBook. Hi to Greek.


      • Thanks, Don. Although face rec wasn’t checked, others were, so I hope this speeds my program. It can take a long time for some things. I confess I have not read all the way through the ebook. Maybe next time I will remember to check there first! Always ready with an answer for me….I appreciate it. Greek sends his regards to you and Margie.


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