I Fried My PC’s Motherboard–Part 2

One of the things I was somewhat worried about as I recover from my PC crash was re-installing my various Adobe products on my new PC, which I have named PC3700. For Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, and Premiere Elements, you are only allowed two installs.

I have multiple versions of these programs loaded on my three PCs to better support my classes and clients. Versions of all three programs were on my crashed PC, and I was at my limit for installs.

Adobe has a Activate/Deactivate process that works smoothly from the Help menu of each program. When you buy a new computer, you simply deactivate it on your old one, and then activate automatically on your new computer during the installation.

But obviously, I could not deactivate the programs from my old PC. You could call Adobe, but I chose to use their live Chat feature on the internet. Since I had all my serial numbers and had registered each program with them, there was no problem explaining what had happened and what I wanted to do. How they do it is essentially give you an extra install, so you can exceed the count for the moment at last.

The process is you temporarily deactivate, in my case the working copy on another PC, install the program on your new PC, and then reactivate the second PC to get back to the max number of two. They do this in such a way, that you cannot game it and get three valid installs.

All you do during the Chat is verify the serial numbers of the program and they set the special activation flags at their end. They do not know what the PC serial number or whatever unique code is being used.

By the way, registering your software and activating it are two separate activities. You need to do both. Also, it is extremely important to hang on to the installation CDs and the serial numbers of your programs.

It went pretty smooth, except we were almost down, and then they apparently had a technical problem and I was automatically shifted to a new agent. But we had to start the entire process all over. I was chatting with them for well over an hour to do this. Remember I had six serial numbers for three separate programs I needed to get validated. I suspect it would have taken about thirty minutes or so, if there had not been the problem.

I am going to have to do something similar with Microsoft for Office2010. I’m putting that off a bit.

I have not installed any of the affect programs yet on the new PC. I am still working to get my “business” PC set up to do those type of tasks, things like writing this blog post.

Today, I should begin to install my photo editing programs on my new PC. I’m anxious to see how it performs.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “I Fried My PC’s Motherboard–Part 2

  1. Yes, I went through the same process with my PSE and Premier 10 when I bought my new desktop. I called Support and they sent me an email on how to fix, It worked!!



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