I Fried My PC’s Motherboard – Part 1

Actually this is my second post in this series, but I titled the first one as a prolog. When I found out my PC was toast, I decided to buy a new one. As I explained earlier, the broken PC was the one I used for normal non-photographic work. I generally have my newest and most powerful PC focused on the higher demand of photo and video editing.

So I bought a PC that is going to replace my current image/video processing PC.I bought it at the local store that diagnosed my burned PC.

Here are the basic specs of what I bought.It is by far the most powerful PC I have bought, which is not too surprising. However, it is the biggest jump in power I have made.

Basic CPU = i7-2600K/X4/3.4 Ghz

Memory = 16Gb (DDR3 PC 1333)

Solid State Drive = 128 Gb

Hard Drive = 1 Tb BLK


Blu-Ray DVD Burner

Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

Graphics Card = Nvidia 450GTS 2 Gb Memory

Rear USB Ports (There are 2 more USB 2.0 ports on the front panel)

8 USB 2.0

2 USB 3.0

My Hardware Installed from my fried PC

1394 interface Card

Old Drive K – Pretty Empty (1 Tb)

Old C Drive – Pretty Full (500 Gb)

The big differences are in the i7 chip, twice as much internal memory than my current image processing PC, the solid state drive, Blu-ray burner, and of course the graphics card. My current graphics card only has 512 Mb of memory.

I can’t wait to install Photoshop CS6, PSE 10, and PRE 10 to see how quickly and smoothly I can edit both images and video. But, first I have to get my older image processing PC configured to do the serious work of paying bills – I have a new one now. Smile

My next post will report on my basic plan and initial progress. One issue I need to address will be how to prove to Adobe and Microsoft that one of my valid installs is no more. There is I way to handle this, I’m sure. I just don’t know how to do it yet.


3 thoughts on “I Fried My PC’s Motherboard – Part 1

  1. When I dropped my laptop and replaced it, I had the same issue about my PSE number of installs. As I recall, I sent them an e-mail, or opened a live chat…anyway, it was fairly easy.


  2. wow sounds exciting you have a new Computer, I can’t wait for Part 2 after you instail everything, Thanks Don for the Back up link


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