A Cold Winter is Coming

Winter term classes start at the South Bay Adult School, Torrance and PV NET next week. Torrance had to  cancel three of the classes already. South Bay Adult School will no doubt cancel both classes that were due to start next week unless there are some last minute registrations. All of the cancellations are due to low enrollment.

If you have any comments regarding how the current classes I teach can be improved, or ideas/suggestions for future classes, please leave a comment. I have to submit classes I would like to teach this spring in a week or two at the very latest. Totally new classes will not be possible until the Fall Term. However, changes in scope, focus, and approach to existing classes can often be accomplished rather quickly. So please let me knew your ideas.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “A Cold Winter is Coming

  1. I think you need less classes available to students. Many students only have time or money for one class. i.e better to have 15 students register for one class which actually does get taught than have 10 students each register for three different classes, all of which get cancelled


    • Neil, that is certainly food for thought. However, at SBAS, I only teach two classes each term. One is a camera class and the other is one of several classes I could teach. This term the Organizing class had to be cancelled. That was a real disappointment, because in my ways I consider it the feeder class that introduces the topics that my other classes focus on.

      At any rate, I do appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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