Winter Classes Schedule and PSE 10 Sale

My schedule for the Winter term at each of the schools, the South Bay Adult School, Torrance, and PV NET has been established. The links below will take you to the schedule and my class descriptions for each of these schools. The winter term at each school starts the second week of January.


Note the unique nature of the course being taught at PV NET. It is being designed to focus on those features that have been added to the the latest version of PSE, Photoshop Elements 10. To get the most from this class, students will use their own laptops and photos. Please see the class description for more details. If you have an older version of PSE, you will also find topics covered in this course of benefit.


South Bay Adult School

Finally, it is my understanding that Costco is running a sale on Photoshop Elements 10. Now through November 30th, it is on sale for $50. I understand there is no mail-in rebate required. This is probably the lowest price you will see for Elements. Check with Costco to confirm these details.


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