Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 10

Today Adobe announced the latest version of its consumer-targeted photo organizing and editing program, Photoshop Elements 10. Here is the direct link to their webpage describing PSE 10.

Its new features are highlighted here.

Here is a screen shot of the above page. Also on the page there are numerous sources where you can find out what is in this newest version of Elements.

PSE 10 Announced


In the above figure (circled) you can see there is a PDF file you can download that describes the new features. As has been the pattern for the last several upgrades to the program, it was announced today, but it is not yet being shipped. I suspect that will happen in early October. Also, Adobe announced Premiere Elements 10, that is their consumer level video editing program. When they are available, they can be bought separately or as a bundle. Below is the link to the Premiere Elements 10 product announcement page. PRE 10 works closely in conjunction with PSE 10 in that they share the same Organizer.

I’ll have more to say about these two programs in the coming weeks. But I will say at this point, their look and feel is very similar to recent versions. New features have been added and improvements made, but if you use a relatively recent version of either program you will feel right at home with the new versions.


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