Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 6

Up to this point, I have essentially tagged and rated all of my photos from the trip. Even if I stay with the 4-Star rated pictures with some 3-Stars thrown in to fill the holes, I have a ton of pictures to ultimately shar in some form. Generally, my prime sharing method is to make a DVD for playing on a TV. That is my plan for this trip also. However, because I have so many pictures I want to include, I’m either going to have a DVD with multiple chapters or multiple DVDs when I am done.

In the meantime I am putting together the chapters or pieces of the trip into slide shows. I am making good progress, but have a long way to go. As of right now, I have completed Denmark, and have Sweden and Norway to do. Oh yes, I have not begun to integrate the video I shot. I am not exactly sure how I will handle the video clips I took, integrate them in slide shows with still images or have them stand alone. I did take a fair amount of video of some folk dancing we saw. That is a good candidate for a standalone video.

I have not talked about the editing I am doing to the photos I have picked for my slide shows. Ideally, the pictures need little or no editing like adjusting exposure, color, or cropping. But many do. If I were shooting JPEG images, I would rely on Auto Levels as my first edit. As I have mentioned many times in class, this adjustment is all I need (or maybe have time for in this project) about 80% of the time. However, almost all of my pictures were taken using Camera RAW. If I want to do some editing for a particular photo, it opens automatically in Adobe Camera RAW (ACR).

Remember, when you edit a RAW image you are not changing the pixels in the image file, only the correction values in the sidecar XMP file. Also, if you open and image and click on Done after you have edited the image, the XMP file is updated and the adjusted image is automatically used for any printing, slide shows etc in which you use that photo. Also, in the middle sliders there is an Auto button that often adjusts image sufficiently that no other editing is required. It is not just Auto Levels. Other times, I will use other sliders to quickly get the image more to my liking. I really like what the Vibrance and Clarity sliders do. When I am satisfied, I click Done. Notice here I did not need to save an Edited copy of the image. There is no Version Set needed. Below is an example of a before and after where I did do a little tweaking beyond clicking on Auto. Due to the blog’s column width, the photo was cropped on the right hand side.

Before ACR


  After ACR


So far I have completed two slide shows or chapters for the DVD. These may be fine tuned later. Think of them as “daily’s” that are produced the shooting of a movie. I posted one on Here is the link to it.

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about taking RAW images with your camera and working with them in PSE, I am teaching a course on this at PV NET beginning in early October. You can find out out more about this class by clicking on this link, PV NET.

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3 thoughts on “Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 6

  1. Don-Claudia and I integrate both video and stills into our dvd shows and like the difference they make in the presentations. The first time the image moves the audience gives out an oh my. Try this on some and see how you like it. If you want I can bring a dvd to class for you to watch on your own time.


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