Working with my Scandinavia Photos–Part 5

I have continued identifying and rating the huge number of photos I took on the trip. I’m making pretty good progress. Identifying the significant sites we saw and visited is by far the most challenging and time consuming task. I described the basic process in an earlier post of this series. I have done enough tagging and rating that I do not want to lose my work if I have a disk crash. I have backed up my catalog once since I returned, right after uploading everything and assigning the photos a Sub-Category.

I could go ahead and do another full backup, but my prime backup drive is nearly full. Since I am primarily interested in backing up my tagging efforts and the few edits I done to this point, I believe an incremental backup would be appropriate. Normally I only do a full backup, but this is one situation where an incremental backup should work well. The problem is, my primary backup drive is probably too full to add even the incremental backup. I will have to put it on a another drive, physically separating it from the full backup it will need to be linked to to the full backup  if need be. This should not be a problem, but a new USB 3.0 external drive is now on my to-get list.

Even though I have not completed my detailed tagging and rating my pictures, I have begun to share them and my video clips in a limited way. I bought my granddaughters Dala Horses handmade in Sweden. I made a short video from the images and video clips I took to give them an idea how the horses are made.  I made an Album of the 4 Star and a few of the 3 Star photos I took in Copenhagen. These are my first cut at identifying the pictures that will be in whatever presentation/document I produce later. For example, they will most likely end up as a chapter in a DVD presentation.  I made this slide show using PSE 9’s Slide Show Editor, outputting it to a PDF file. I emailed this file to my travelling companions, Tom and Judy, to check the accuracy of the captions I added to some of the photos. I’ll describe a bit more on how I use the Slide Show Editor in a future post.

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