Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 4.5

Before going on to the next installment of this series, I want to add a couple of points I probably have not covered yet. To begin with in going through my photos to tag and rate them, I discovered that somewhere in the middle of my trip I was missing some shots I knew I had taken. The first thing I did was to look at the copies I had  uploaded to my iPad as a backup. Sure enough they were there. It turns out I had inadvertently skipped one of my cards when I was uploading them to Elements. I had uploaded its video clips, but not the still images. Having copies on the iPad allowed me to very quickly pinpoint the missing card. Now instead of about 1400 images/videos, I now have about 1750.

When I was planning on what type of photo gear to take with me on the trip, I decided to take not only my 18-135 mm kit lens, but also my 70-200 mm zoom lens. As it turns out, I never took my long lens out of my suitcase. I’m sure there might have been a few shots that could have been improved with a longer lens, but I would have lost many more shots with that on my camera. I have a friend who carries two cameras with different lens. I choose not to do that. Walking around with one DSLR camera is enough for me. I always had my camera bag in the bus, but it was not the type to also hold my zoom lens. I also, bought an external Speedlite flash for the trip. It too stayed in my suitcase. The few pictures I took with flash used the 7D’s built-in flash. Obviously they suffer from all of the ills that better photographers avoid. I tended to rely on high ISOs for the most part. I have many shouts with the ISO set at 3200 and above. I think I even have a very few with the ISO at 6400. A cursory look at these has shown the noise level to be quite low, and I should be able to get excellent results after using PSE to reduce the noise.

Class Enrollment Update

I’ve been told that class enrollment is way down at both the South Bay Adult School and Torrance. Given the state of the economy, I can’t be very surprised about that. Unless enrollment picks up significantly in the next week, I will have lots of time to work on other projects. So, if you have been thinking about taking one of my classes, but have not got around to doing it yet, I would register soon, or you may find the class has been cancelled. That could be as early as next Thursday. If you want to review the descriptions for the classes I will be teaching, click on the links below.

South Bay Adult School

Torrance Adult School


You have more time to register for those classes not scheduled to start until October, but it would be a good idea to register now anyway.

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3 thoughts on “Working With My Scandinavia Photos–Part 4.5

  1. the enrollment is quite a problem; not sure if economy is the issue or just lack of interest . . . and the problem for me is getting psyched for a class and then having it cancelled. another problem is these 3pm thru 5pm classes seem to get scheduled sandwiched between another class ending at 3pm and another one starting at 5pm; in the spring, I registered for a class to be taught by Don T and if there had been 5 students they would have kept the class, but as it turned out, there was only one other student besides me


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