Working With Scandinavia Photos–Part 3

Reviewing again where I am in going through the 1400 pictures and video clips I took on my Scandinavia trip, I have uploaded all of them to the PSE Organizer, assigned them a top level keyword tag, and backed up the Catalog. These steps were described in previous posts of this series.

Now the more interesting tasks begin. The first thing I generally do at this point is go through the pictures and rate them. Because I have so many photos I have just imported, I am working with a day at a time. I have told my students many times that I do not delete any pictures I have taken prior to importing them to the Catalog. That is generally what I did on this trip. The 1400 images I returned with pretty much represent each time I pressed the shutter.

The primary capability I use of the Organizer is viewing the image or images in the full screen mode. A quick way to access this mode is to press F11. I also make the the filmstrip on the right hand side visible. It is activated by selecting the filmstrip on the Control Bar that pops up when you are in the FS mode. One nice feature of viewing the images in this mode is that you can zoom in to check their focus. The figure below illustrates this.

PSE 10 FS Mode

I rate the pictures as I’m working my way down the photos in the filmstrip, clicking on each thumbnail in turn to display the image full screen. PSE provides a 5-Star Rating system. My definition of what constitutes a give star rating changes from time to time. I do not consider these ratings fixed in concrete, nor do I rate each and every photo. Here is how I am doing it for this trip. It is basically what I normally do.

  • 5-Stars:   An extremely good photo.
  • 4-Stars:   A very good photo. These are often the ones I make a large print from.
  • 3-Stars: These are pretty good, and will be the ones that I will put into a slide show, at least initially. Often, they are not that good, but I need to include them to tell the story. Obviously, the 4 and 5-star photos are also included in the first iteration of a slide show.
  • 2-Stars: I give this rating for two different reasons. First, those 2-Star photos are candidates for becoming examples I use in my photo classes. They have problems that can be corrected using techniques we are learning in class. The second entirely different reason for assigning a 2-Star rating is to identify those photos that are part of a panorama sequence or an HDR sequence. It is often difficult to locate these sequential pictures in the main Organizer thumbnail view.
  • 1-Star: These are the photos I will delete. Generally, I delete those with a 1-Star rating as soon as I exit the full screen mode. Some pictures may be given a 1-Star rating because they are essentially duplicates of other pictures. However, for this trip I will not delete them right away, just in case I want to keep a few of them. When I delete images in the Organizer, I always delete it from the hard disk as well.

The mechanics of assigning Star Ratings while in the full screen mode are simple. Simply press the key that reflects the rating you want to assign. However, be aware there is about 2-3 second delay after you press a number before PSE is ready to accept another command like clicking on the next photo in the filmstrip to display.

When I am all done rating a batch of photos, most of them have no rating. I probably won’t use them in the near term, but they remain in my Catalog for potential future use.

When I come across multiple shots of the same subject I will often display two images side by side by pressing F12. This really helps in determining which one to keep.

That’s about where I am now. In the next post, I’ll describe how I am adding lower level keyword tags.

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4 thoughts on “Working With Scandinavia Photos–Part 3

  1. I’m enjoying these bolgs. As a mac used I do something similar in iphoto. Each chip comes in automatically as a separate event which I rename. After reviewing each chip I delete the ones that are for sure rejects. When All the chips are finished, i do another edit and anything that I might want as a print I duplicate and put in a separate folder on the desk top labeled prints w/ the country. Then I re edit the events and narrow them down to DVD and Book candidates. Then Claudia and I go through them again and edit once more before making the DVD and books. Everything that is a candidate or art potential is backed up on an external and cd. That’s as far as I go with organizing.


    • Ed, with the number of trips you take and the large quantity of pictures you take on each trip, organizing much beyond that would probably be next to impossible. You’ve found a system that works for you and that is what matters.


  2. Yes Don I am enjoying your blog and I always find that you have come up with someting new or that I did not know about,
    Thanks Karen


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