Working With Scandinavia Photos – Part 2.5

This will be a very short post. I am only covering it now to impress upon you how quickly I backup my photos after a major photo shoot like my trip to Scandinavia. If you have read the previous posts, you know that up to this point, I have imported all of my images and videos to the Organizer. I have also tagged them all with my top level keyword. In my case it is the Sub-Category, Scandinavia under the default Events Category.

I uploaded my photos and videos on Tuesday and actually backed up the Catalog containing the photos on yesterday. I will back up my video Catalog tonight or tomorrow.

This is usually about when in the process I do a backup. As of right now, my photo images are in three places. They still are on the memory cards, in my prime Catalog, and in my backup of my Catalog on an external hard drive.

As is my standard practice, I did a full backup using the Organizer’s File > Backup command. The backup folder was 271 Gb. The backup process took about three hours to complete to a USB 3.0 external drive. I have two backups on this drive, one completed earlier in the month the one I did yesterday.

In Part 3 I will describe how I rate my photos.


5 thoughts on “Working With Scandinavia Photos – Part 2.5

  1. Hi Don,
    I have a second system for backing up images. Because I take so many flower images I am organizing them by plant family and genus. Every image has a binomial tag and often a common name. To preserve this information I periodically export the file to my external drive as a plant family. In addition, I copy the images to another external drive as a regular folder. I have noticed something else and that is when I create an album in Facebook all my labels move right in so that I do not need to retype the information. Very user friendly!


  2. So, Don, just so I am perfectly clear…you do a FULL back-up, not an update, and keep at least 2 full updates at any time? Will you do another back-up when you have added additional tags?


    • That’s right Peggy. I generally do a Full Backup. Occasionally, I do an Incremental Backup. The reason why I don’t do Incremental Backups more often is that if I ever had to use the Restore command from a Full Backup plus multiple Incremental Backups, the steps are a bit more complicated. However, there is nothing wrong with doing a few (I would stay with two or three) Incremental Backups before doing another Full Backup.

      I used to have three Full Backups, the most current plus the two previous ones, just in case there was a problem. As my backup folder grew, I reduced the number to a total of two. I have never had a need for the second one. Generally the number of pictures I have added and their importance determines when I do a Full Backup, not the lapsed time. My tagging activity is generally controlled by the number of pictures I add and their subject matter.

      How I did it for the Scandinavia trip is typical for me. As soon as I uploaded all of the pictures and gave them a high level tag, I did a Full Backup.


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