Working With Scandinavia Photos-Part 2

In my last post, I said I would cover uploading the pictures and video I took with my iPhone. I will, but first I want to digress a bit.

An Aside

I over estimated the number of pictures/videos I took on this two week trip. I have uploaded all of the  pictures and videos I took with my Canon 7D and iPhone to the PSE Organizer. As it turns out, I took 1320 pictures, which were mostly RAW images. All but a very few were taken with the 7D. Additionally, I ended up with 80 video clips taken with either the 7D or my iPhone. Number-wise they were equally split between the two cameras.

I mentioned previously that I took my iPad partly to backup my pictures from the 7D, which I did except for the last day’s pictures. I also took it to email home pictures from time to time. The only way I can connect my iPad to the internet is via a WI-FI link, which was available for free in each of our hotels. I also had purchased an international data plan for our time in Scandinavia.

However, what I failed to consider was the fact that shooting RAW images for the most part made for large files, and the need for the recipient to convert them in some way to be viewed. I do not have an app on my iPad that can convert to JPEG. As a result, I did not share as many photos or the best photos. Most of the photos I emailed were from my iPhone’s 5 Mp camera.

Uploading Videos and Pictures

I uploaded all of my pictures and videos from both the iPhone and Canon 7D today. I will discuss both media types together, since my process is the same for both.

I’ve had my Canon 7D for a little over a year now. After using it a bit, I decided to use a separate catalog for its video clips. This does complicate the process a bit. I have to upload the contents from each card twice, once to copy all of the pictures I took and a second time after opening the second catalog to upload the video clips. Fortunately, the Organizer has a way to make this easier than it sounds as shown in the figure below.

Hide Video Clips on Import

You can hide either video or still images during import. When you do this, only the media type you are not hiding is uploaded.

As is my usual practice, whenever I upload a major group of pictures I tag them with a Sub-Category or Tag as soon as I import each batch. I then come back in a later step of my workflow to add more detail to my tagging.

My practice is to identify each of my major trips under the default Category, Events as either a Tag or a Sub-Category. So, for this trip I made a Sub-Category under Events named “Scandinavia 2011”. I will discuss my approach for other tags in a future post. Some might argue that I should have used the default Places Category instead of Events. If I had it to do over again, I might do that myself, but that’s how I am doing it now.

To summarize my basic steps to this point for each  memory card:

  1. Upload pictures from the card using the built-in card reader on my PC.
  2. Tag the images with the Sub-Category “Scandinavia 2011”.
  3. Open my video Catalog.
  4. upload the video files on the card. Note, these are put into the same physical folder automatically by the Organizer, even though they are in different Catalogs.
  5. Tag the video clips with the Sub-Category “Scandinavia 2011” under the default Events Category. Generally for my video Catalog, I will not tag the clips to as low of level as I do the images.

I did the above for each of the 5 cards I used on the trip. That is pretty much where I am as of now.

I did have to do one more thing for the pictures and videos coming from my 7D. There is a nine hour time difference in Scandinavia, and I forgot to set my camera until day three. So I had to change the time for all of the pictures I took on the first two days using the Edit > Adjust Date and Time of Selected Items command. This was not hard, but I wanted to do it right away. Pictures and videos from my iPhone always had the proper time, since it is automatically sets the time.

I am anxious to look at my pictures in more detail, so I will cover how I go about rating the pictures in Part 3. Later, I’ll return to more detail tagging. For now I can quickly access the photos using the Sub-Category “Scandinavia 2011”.

Remember, don’t hesitate to Comment and Rate this post. Also, I noticed a few of you have subscribed to the blog. I would encourage you al to do that via the RSS button at the top of the page.  That way, you will get notice whenever I add a new post.


9 thoughts on “Working With Scandinavia Photos-Part 2

  1. This is going to be an interesting series of blogs. Looking forward to them. I know this may sound strange but my D300s has two card slots and I use the raw/jpg setting to download the two files to the two chips as backup. Having a camera that can write two different files of the same picture uses lots of memory chips but they are so cheap now. Class 10 16 gig SD for less than $20.00 at Fry’s with rebate.


    • Ed,

      That’s a nice camera feature. I rarely use the the RAW+JPG option. It makes for too man images in the Organizer view. Cards are a good way to keep as a backup, at least for the short term. I tend to buy the faster cards to ensure the Full HD video is properly captured.


      • Most of my cards are ultras or class 10 cards as this camera has video also. Only after I have made the dvd shows and have tiff backups on cds do I erase the cards. I have the dvd backed up on an external plus any files I think I might want prints of go into another category with multiple backups on two different computers plus an external. I have to clear up space often when I use raw/jpg but I have four terabits of memory on my mac pro plus three externals.


      • Ed,
        Are you saying you have 4 Terabytes of internal memory on your Mac? Most PC users have 4-8 Gb of internal memory. There are 1000 Gb in one terabyte. Are you sure you are not referring to the amount of total disk space you have?


    • Hi Laurel,

      Yes. In your case, being able to see only those few videos you may take at times as you upload your images could prove to be helpful. By the way, if I am not mistaken the videos always appear at the bottom of the list of images in the GET Photos dialog.


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  3. Hi Don,

    Planning on taking a couple of your classes in the winter session. I boiught PSE 10, so hope to get in PVNet, and I also want to finally take your organizer class.

    I was reading your blog about emailing large file photos from your iPad from Scandinavia. I drove the Alcan Highway to Alaska in Sept and took a lot of photos. I found an app called Photogene that allows you to resize photos for emailing and do some editing. Quite a nice app…not free, but reasonable. I’m not shooting raw, so I don’t really know how Photogene would handle raw images. Might be worth looking into for you.

    See you in January.

    Elizabeth Haynes


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Thanks for the tip regarding Photogene. I’ll have to check it out. I do hope I see you in the Organizing class at one of the schools in January. As it turns out, I am teaching it at both Torrance and the South Bay Adult School.


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